Chinese Version launch AngelababyVS Song Ji Hyo Running man lift

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Lead: October 10, the highly anticipated Chinese version < > That variety reality show << >> Hurry Up, Brother has finally opened a mysterious veil as a public 'running man' the only female member, Angelababy and South Korea version of Song Ji Hyo is bound to become the focus of the fans used to compare a the star. Song Ji Hyo makeup often recorded program, triggered the strongest makeup goddess topic, then Angelababy makeup and how? look.

Song Ji Hyo vs Angelababy

When it comes to makeup, South Korea as the 'invincible makeup' can be described as Song Ji Hyo's reputation. This remake of the Running Man, the Chinese delegation is invited ambitious

Cosmetic issues aside, lost makeup, today we only on the real capacity of the two running men and women of God makeup battle immediately began!


<< >> Hurry Up, Brother scene photos

Scene photos from the program's opinion, Baby high strength for this program is also prepared for the simple braided hair forehead exposed, fresh and vibrant, white skin also see in the most recent very careful to maintain it themselves .


<< >> Hurry Up, Brother program to record the scene photos.


Life private photos

Look again

Angelababy life private photos, this photo elegant appearance
Like is readily shoot makeup photos. But Xiao Bian think it should just be very popular recently 'pseudo makeup' it. A delicate makeup to play, easy to erase facial blemishes, put on a high sense of makeup style, camouflage is so simple ~!


That, a beat reporter's arrest 'pseudo-makeup' on the moment exposed ...... sallow complexion, uneven color and other issues that accentuates the way to remind you to see class schedule deposited mask, do horny cleaning is king Oh.


this is

And Chao is the first movie << >> shooting blockbusters makeup, shooting at such a high level dimming down,
baby makeup a lot of really nice ah.

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Traditional Chinese: 中國版跑男開播 AngelababyVS宋智孝掀