"Orie and Lost Forest" push Redux

Updated: August 7, 2015  Views: 232
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Action news from Cologne Game Show, after the PC and Xbox One platform by the players winning puzzle game << >> Orissa and Lost Forest will launch a new piece of information and the ultimate extended version this fall.

<< >> Orissa and Lost Forest will push Redux

According to Microsoft's Xbox series platform operator responsible for the Major Nelson said, Moons studio development << >> Orissa Forest and lost the game based on player feedback to make adjustments and modifications, and adding a lot of new information on the film scene, skills and game illustrator. << Orinoco and subsequent sale of forest >> lost Redux was called ultimate Edition, is included with the Orinoco << >> forest lost the entire contents of the original and extended piece of information works very for no contact for the players purchased directly before. (source: Star homeless editor: kaiko)

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Traditional Chinese: 《奧裏與迷失森林》推終極版