Kakuma refugee project in Kenya with Skype distance learning students

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Microsoft has been committed to the promotion of Skype for educational purposes, so that students around the world through Skype video calls exchanges. Today Skype's official website published a blog post, showing how Skype help educate students around the world who for distance learning in April 2015, educators from around the world for children in refugee camps in Kenya Kakuma refugee curriculum counseling through Skype. in all 17.9 million refugees, 55 per cent are children, are from 30 schools.

Kakuma refugee project in Kenya with Skype distance learning students

To help these refugee children get an education program, Microsoft Education Specialist Keon Timmers established Project Kakuma project, which in Kakuma Local 10 teachers and teachers abroad can Skype with these students videos, daily teaching activities. in addition, to encourage other educators around the world to better participate in this project, Timmers also created for Windows 8, Windows 10 and iOS devices introduced 'Jump to Kakuma' game to help these schools to purchase notebook computers, cameras and audio, and other funding.

Keon Timmers this blog also mentioned some of the episodes occurred Project Kakuma project:

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Traditional Chinese: Kakuma項目用Skype對肯尼亞難民學生進行遠程教學