35 open hand Beijing Normal University Advanced Placement

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Beijing Times (microblogging) (Reporter Zhang dove yesterday morning, the thirty-fifth high school in Beijing and Beijing Normal University (microblogging) College signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in-depth reform in teaching, training, social activities, etc. cooperation, effectively promote the reform of basic education, higher education and achieve seamless basic education.

Under the agreement, the future we intend to integrate and import (microblogging) College of Beijing Normal University and Beijing Normal University in various disciplines of quality education resources to strengthen the ranks of teachers and 35 students training, special courses system and the construction of campus culture. At the same time, it will also be built into the 35 College of Beijing Normal University important test of basic education demonstration bases.

35 Principal Zhu Jianmin introduced through full cooperation with Beijing Normal University will work together to build 35 new development in the social sciences .35, literature is also willing to own resources, including the school of Lu Xun College, State College, auditorium Zhicheng , concert halls and other Jinfan share. the two sides will further cooperation in the field of education reform, personnel training and social activities, will draw Beijing Normal University ranked the overall strength of the nation in terms of humanities and social sciences, universities and secondary schools to explore the convergence, Chinese curriculum reform, especially in the 35's, the university opened Prerequisite cooperate on the College of Beijing Normal University students practice base, Confucianism social activities and other specific breakdown.

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Traditional Chinese: 35中牽手北師大開大學先修課程