Saw Deng purple chess underwear Waichuan know how good colorful leather pants

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Lead: Recently, Deng purple chess playing catch and wearing new tricks, this unprecedented wearing her favorite leather pants, but wearing claiming to be 'upgraded' underwear Waichuan confident debut, but unexpectedly turned more scared public users. (editor: @philtre)

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Deng purple chess Waichuan scare turned friends
Deng purple chess underwear wearing Lederhosen further than scary

I was young I uphold Ganchuan with purpose, fluorescent yellow fur coat, pale pinkish purple color underwear also with the enigmatic and diapers likeness silver briefs, this set of 'upgraded version' than before but also colorful leather pants people could not stand it. It seems a little princess promise underwear wearing leather pants into their new logo and leather pants forever belong to Wang Feng.

Tang Purple chess concert live
Deng purple chess Concerts

Of course, there is contrast in order to see the pros and cons, we may be too much before black leather pants black, watched the Deng purple chess Waichuan when performing, only to find really good leather pants.

Lederhosen little princess Deng purple chess

But have to say, aesthetic Deng purple chess, though unique, but still very keen fashion sense of smell, Waichuan underwear is really hot this year, a new law to wear and become fashion trend among fashion poisoning and perhaps across a few carefully machine Oh.

In fact, since last year Waichuan already visible, show floor, there are many brands are playing a vest worn out with the way, put on a new look young again.

Show of underwear Waichuan

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Traditional Chinese: 看了鄧紫棋的內衣外穿 才知道七彩皮褲有多好