How to choose a bowl can increase the value of the luxury watch?

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Lead: Experts recommend that consumers buy luxury watches, consideration should focus on its intrinsic value, process quality and artistic value if the watch has a special origin, it would also be a good hedge against inflation plus sub-item (. source: Fortune Chinese network

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When buying luxury watches, consideration should focus on its intrinsic value, process quality and artistic value.

Intrinsic Value

'Leaving aside any marketing or brand awareness, you can be given any value? Torn label, whether this watch is still valuable?' Adams said. When judging the value of the watch, a simple method is to determine the whether it is made of precious metals or precious materials such as gold, platinum or diamonds.

Process Quality

Consider making this watch the complexity and time required. Does it provide additional functionality, moon phase display, or calendar? This watch whether through engineering design, prototyping and assembly procedures carefully build?

art value

Adams believes that luxury watch should be considered as mechanical works of art he suggested:.. 'It was observed artistic applications such as engraving, glazing, stone setting, etc.'

Does it have a special blood?

Sometimes, the value of a watch to see other intangible property. Perhaps the owner of the watch once a celebrity or historical figure, or this is a unique watch. In this case, this watch unique, any other watches elusive.

It belongs to the big brands, small brands or from the little-known?

In addition to marketing behind the brand often reach small and big brands at the same price. They also do not have the same reputation or resale value. Adams said that there is a risk of smaller brands. 'If you watch how bad do? they give you repair it? '

Do you really want to wear this watch it?

There may be many people rush to a watch, but if you find it bulky, uncomfortable or do not meet your style, please think twice before buying Adams said:. 'You should strongly consider that any one you buy wrist table will become part of your life. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 如何挑選到一款可以保值增值的奢侈碗表?