International financial architecture for the high-level seminar in Hangzhou G20 summit warm-up

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Original title: International High-Level Seminar on the financial framework for the G20 summit in Hangzhou preheating

Youth Online PARIS, March 31 (China Youth Daily reporter in France · Youth Online Mengxiao Ke) March 31, 'from Nanjing to Paris' - high-level international seminar held in Paris as a financial architecture 2016 II. part of the Group of Ten (G20) summit in Hangzhou annual series of meetings of the seminar jointly hosted by China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, French Finance Minister Sapan, IMF Managing Director Lagarde, OECD the Secretary-General Gurria, finance and central bank representatives as well as relevant international organizations and academia representatives from G20 member countries and guests attended the meeting. the meeting focused challenges of the international monetary and financial system, the parties to financial capital flows, on the global financial security and monetary system reform issues were discussed, aimed at the September G20 summit in Hangzhou ready.

Sapan said in his speech thanked the Chinese as the G20 presidency after a lapse of many years to re-start this important issue, the international financial architecture working group chaired by France and South Korea will continue to push forward to solve related problems. He said that although since 2008 the financial and economic crisis, the international financial architecture has been strengthened, but the recent financial turmoil shows that crises and risks remain, and therefore how to understand and deal with the problem must be a priority to strengthen international economic and financial system. he said that the workshop aims strengthening the international financial architecture, to achieve sustainable development of the world economy to contribute and discuss how to make more multipolar international monetary system to promote the parties reach a consensus on the reform of the international financial architecture, the G20 summit in Hangzhou do from structural level good preparation.

Zhou Xiaochuan said that five years ago, March 31, served in the French G20 presidency during the first international financial architecture high-level seminar held in Nanjing, the international community has aroused widespread concern. Five years later the same day in China as the G20 presidency during the finance ministers and central bankers and academics once again depth discussion of the international financial and monetary system problems, so it was also today's meeting is also known as the 'Nanjing conference version 2.0.'

Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that the international monetary and financial system is currently undergoing structural adjustment, the world economy is facing many challenges in China as the G20 presidency during the international financial architecture working group composed of France, South Korea hosted parties will promote international monetary system issues related to consultation, including the prevention of capital flight, a sovereign debt restructuring, debt sustainability, to build an international financial safety net, reform of IMF governance and the investment share and promote the wider use of the SDR, etc. Zhou said that these problems solution can not be achieved, therefore, continued efforts G20 level becomes even more important.

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