The T station hanging in the body of the woman and two tells us that is beautiful

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Lead: Green Tea TWO time is long past! Yan being sent to steal the spotlight would wear two female only legitimate channel! (Claire switched network

Rescue CP

When everyone is obsessed with you husband Liutai Wei Jiang Dafu sweet love secretly obscenity. I was to rescue cp child Mongolia, wall crack ask for an extra scenes not abuse their love is simply wrapped in sugar blizzard, so you let them go, find affectionate infection after a pro is to make a new record-breaking ratings. If you are a husband Song Zhongji sister tease players, it is absolutely Yin Pearl was filled with Chinese stitch skill Girls hero, sliding Zhilaizhiwang not play, not to mention the seriousness silly cute Xu Daying escape her Fingers, and the baby I have to hold live it!

Kim Ji-won military uniform

Presumably because the film has a lot of people fell in love with Kim Ji-won, in addition to drama and frigidity wind handsome uniform dress doctor, privately, Kim Ji-won is amazing style, long hair, short hair switch freely, how to dress up all nice.

Let us pray the sun descended << >> happy ending days, followed by Yin Pearl school outfit together this spring mating season wins first battle to fight.

Tips1 small exposed collarbone

Clavicle nice girls, do not miss a good season show collarbone, so gold girl tell you how small exposed collarbone attractive.

<< >> Sun descendants conference

When the collar tight black T-shirt + A word skirt black sun descended >> << attend the conference, Kim Ji-won of this dress really bright spots, in addition to shiny skin, clothes appeared to be wrapped in more perfect lines is grab the eye, this goddess sister, I just want to put coins in her collarbone in the word.

Oblique petals lotus root starch color dress

Oufen oblique dress petal color, are attracted to the visual center of the shoulder, clavicle impressive charm minutes to get points Xu sergeant.

Single product recommendation

Word shoulder

Tips2 Blazer

Although we tease Han skills max, but we tease sister skill can not be underestimated, put on a suit jacket Kim Ji-won I can do for her bent mosquito coils a hundred years.

White + dark suit jacket inside the ride

Compared to conventional dark suit and tie, and Kim Ji-won the favor of white jacket, both with dark ride in the dark with wide leg pants or ride with inner light and a sense of jeans have become lazy handsome, capable for me.

White suit jacket + light inside the ride
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Traditional Chinese: 把T臺掛在身上的女二 告訴我們漂亮即