Three gods car! Hybrid supercar benchmark times

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Lead: current vehicle mix automation, electrification and increasing trend of ultra-running nature can not be behind the times on the one hand the hybrid has a lower carbon dioxide emissions, on the other hand, the fuel in the engine and electric motor co-operation. , the vehicle has to make more robust performance, especially in the motor speed 0 can output maximum torque characteristics well make up for the lack of traditional fuel engine low torque characteristics. therefore, in the hybrid system used in the ultra-ran, is a . very good decisions in this regard, McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari at the forefront of (source:. YOKA Men

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McLaren P1

As the largest gift company McLaren 50th birthday, he inherited the mantle of brilliant McLaren F1 McLaren P1 enough to once again let the fans fanaticism. MP4-12C from upgrade module to create from the McLaren P1, racing has the blessing of many F1 black and adjustment technology, full carbon fiber build extremely lightweight body makes its own weight is just 1395kg. of course, the most notable, but also count on the set crazy McLaren P1 hybrid system .

McLaren to disable the F1 race in all seal technology in this code M838TQ 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, the intake air in the forced action 2.4bar ultra-high pressurized turbine, the engine actually burst out of the maximum output power 737Ps! Located below the engine, electric motor also not a good crop, 179Ps maximum power has gone beyond the level of most of the power family cars. The strong hybrid integrated output power is transmitted to the rear wheels is naturally break 900 horsepower mark, P1 0 to 200km / h acceleration time of just 6.8s, so crazy speed up the process, just like the lateral freefall.

This is a model of leading engineers, ubiquitous aerodynamics perfect interpretation of the P1 car body. Adjustable rear wing coupled with exaggerated rear spoiler, the rear can be manufactured under maximum pressure 600kg .P1 track mode under the minimum ground clearance is only true interpretation of what 50mm stick to the ground! This is really a paranoid to the extreme models, the ultimate extreme aerodynamics and lightweight, so that P1 can stand on the pinnacle of supercar.

Porsche 918

Porsche sports car never to look stunning .911 to win the attention of this, 918 is also true. If the runway playground athlete's home, then the track must be the best embodies the value of ultra-running the place. And when 6 minutes and 57 sec Nurburgring Nordschleife results made public when, I believe Porsche once again set the fans of the world.

And P1 and LaFerrari different 918 uses four-wheel drive system with rear wheel steering, and it is this pioneering four-wheel drive configuration, with a Porsche 918 and a race track. In the hybrid power, the use of 918 system structure more complex than P1. its front and rear axles have an electric motor, both front and rear axles of the total power of 286 horsepower electric motor work together drive the front wheels, while the rear by a 608-hp 4.6L V8 naturally aspirated engine driver Although the 918 weighs 1700kg, but the ability to catapult start just 2.6 seconds Pobai whether dispel your concerns?

There is no doubt that the birth of the 918 major mission is to continually refresh the track record in the world, but with different extreme P1, 918 is a user-friendly ultra-running, quiet and comfortable it can also be crazy temper, but also pure electrical 29km with one of the famous Three Musketeers top gear flown in 918 Hammond Having said: 'McLaren P1 to keep the use of hybrid supercar today, and the Porsche 918, but kept the supercar tomorrow. '

Ferrari LaFerrari

This is the flagship of the new Ferrari, which is ever like a Ferrari F1, both appearance and performance, as its name in general -. 'This is the Ferrari' is different from P1 designers prioritize aerodynamics , LaFerrari is designed to achieve a balance is a real engineering and aesthetics. excellence of Ferrari that each engineer is the designer, and each designer can also act as an engineer.

Ferrari is the purest in the home after flooding plus V12 engine Ferrari, LaFerrari is such a station has the most pure blood of Ferrari .LaFerrari of this power system is three gods cars in the most powerful, 800-horsepower 6.0-liter V12 engine coupled with 163-horsepower electric motor, the total output power of 963 horsepower, just 1425kg body directly from F1 racing acceleration to 300km on just 15s.LaFerrari HY-KERS system is part of Ferrari's most proud of where, precisely this system, let's hybrid system is not part of P1 and 918.

In fact, Ferrari's biggest success is not its exaggerated beyond ordinary imagination and performance, but because 'it is a Ferrari,' This is the king of ultra-running community, from the Prancing Horse which is the real charm of the peninsula.

to sum up

For three gods trolley car in which the strongest argument is never the answer to the question, which is in fact long been important. McLaren P1 the most pure, the most rational Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari most artistic. Three car manufacturers with three different concept fashioned three most perfect car, there is nothing more worthy of this exciting it .P1,918, LaFerrari as the current era's top ultra-running deserved, for this fetish-like, quietly appreciate enough. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 三大神車!混動時代的超級跑車標桿