Royal anchor Tucao war money pit too spent $ 12,000 for three months

Updated: April 4, 2016  Views: 290

Famous hand travel tribal clashes >> << developer Supercell's new work << >> royal war has conquered a large number of players, but also received a lot of criticism: The core of the game revolves around the open box mechanism within the game, charge money can be strong.

Recently, foreign has over 1.7 million subscribers of the royal war << >> well-known players Chief Pat said he on the development of the game has been thrown Supercell $ 30,000, of which << >> tribal clashes around a few years spent 18,000 dollar, << >> royal war only a few months spent $ 12,000.

In this regard, the domestic users, 'said the young man certainly have not played the hand of China tour. This game global with clothes, a few months to spend $ 10,002 to the top of the charts can. If your hands are inside tour in China, flowers Could this money on a chart in a service area is not to say. '

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Traditional Chinese: 主播吐槽皇室戰爭太坑錢 三個月花了12000美元