Strength rolling "wild Immortals" Arena PVP video Record

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Sina Game News April 6 news, MMOARPG << >> wild Immortals will open the second test on April 15, the game's PVP system is a major focus of the gameplay the player experience. Today, the official exposure of some hidden arena Man VS War sword PVP Record video.

Five gifted with a reasonable is the key

<< >> Wild Immortals action combat system combines the original concept of the Five Elements five elements, allelopathy to follow the relationship and all the rich characteristics of this test, the game will open gold, water, soil three-line skills . in contrast, the gold line CD is short, more flexible, water have more control skills, you can freeze, slow down the enemy, damage soil series is higher than the other two lines, but the CD a long time.

<< >> River Wild Immortals skills show
<< >> Gold spells wild Immortals show

Actual combat, players need to rationalize the use of different types of skills mix of both offense, defense, break defense, control skills and raw talent of the five elements grams. In this battle, high outbreak, high damage professional assassin 'hidden man' main learning the payment system, water skills, high defense and high attack melee knife war, using soil series with aqueous skills and choose the hegemony of the body, with a large range damage skills to better cope with hidden Xia professionalism.

<< >> Wild Immortals enemy in fierce corner

Outmaneuver the rapidly changing battlefield

In PVP combat, the most important is the clever use of strategy, the opponent into their offensive rhythm. Walk by looking for opportunities to hit the opponent, causing stiff and prolonged control the opponent, you can play the greatest degree of injury, accounting for PK initiative right. and when the opponent is controlled, rational use by the body (refers knocked down the other side, the rapid recovery operations, counter-attack skills, defense, insurance skills, get rid of control, were defensive back.

<< >> Wild Immortals use defensive skills to avoid stiff

In the main view video hidden Xia, for example, in this battle, Xia hidden hands occupied at a disadvantage, combined River War knife soil series high outbreak even strokes to hit the half-blood. At this time, he used by the body to escape TECHNOLOGY attack and counterattack immediately, so long knife War floating, and gold tie unique skills to confuse War Movies avatar knife, escaped the bunch fatal blow. Shame knife skills to take advantage of the CD gap, hidden behind Man around Shame knife attack , floating knife again Shame, Shame and later will take place through a flexible knife fierce corner, and with skills to prevent freezing War knife skills to use by the body. they fly over the walls by some, go dodge each game position, and ultimately by the hidden Man the successful use of technology beheaded, victory.

In a rapidly changing battlefield, there is no eternal winner, even if at a disadvantage, it can be a reasonable strategy to win the game and operation.

<< >> Wild Immortals Movies avatar confuse the enemy, to avoid attacks

<< >> Deities wild mix of skills in the mass of the five elements, combat action game similar to the host system settings, so PVP battlefield gameplay richer, more challenging. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 實力碾壓《蠻荒搜神記》競技場PVP實錄視頻