With the way Tourism founder met 4PS Contact Center ISO row Co-Chair

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Original title: with the way Tourism founder met 4PS Contact Center ISO row Co-Chair

BEIJING, April 6 electrically March 28, party secretary of tourism with the process, the company founder and CSO Dr. Wang Zhuan in Suzhou with the way the building met the international standards organization 4PS Contact Center Co-Chair, Mr. Yan Xiaobin line with the way Tourism 4PS Contact Center international standard certification program that day was officially launched with the way outbound service center will serve as a specific enforcement departments of the certification program. 2016 was the same way, 'outbound tourism', with the way Tourism focus overseas leisure travel business and improve outbound service quality.

'Overseas travel non-standard products, high-end holiday travel, is the next strategic target with the process of tourism.' December 10, 2015, held in Beijing 'national exit --2016 with the way Tourism Strategy conference', the same Cheng Tourism announced in 2016 as the company 'outbound tourism.' as deep outbound tourism market, with the way Tourism 2016 corporate strategy fully upgraded, has introduced nearly 10 new initiatives, including Japan HIS, Lotte Tourism AG signed , reached a strategic cooperation with the United States playing the holidays, the company continuously incorporated in overseas destinations, escalating brands, has launched the 'extraordinary' exit products, Japan Tourism month activities, in order to upgrade security strategy after the outbound service quality and user outbound travel experience.

Corporate cultural values with the way Tourism, the 'customer first' is the primary criterion in order to customers, particularly to provide better, more efficient customer service experience outbound tourism, outbound tourism in 2016 with strategic upgrades, March 28 on the morning, with the way Tourism customer service Center 4PS Contact Center international standard certification project launch will be held in Suzhou with the building process, with the way Tourism party secretary, founder and CSO Dr. Wang Zhuan met the international standards organization 4PS Contact Center Co-Chair Mr. Yan Xiaobin and his party on the same way as the outbound service center certified specific implementation of the project department, to carry out specific communication and exchange.

Designed Dr. Wang Thank Yan Xiaobin Chair with the way the customer service center 4PS Contact Center International Standard certification program support and guidance professionals, Dr. Wang believes that the current 'Made in China' is gradually transformed into 'Chinese service' China is being used by a manufacturing power to a services country forward. with the way Tourism emphasis on 'customer first', attention to customer service, in recent years a large investment in customer service, comprehensive training, improve customer service awareness of all personnel company. 'this hope the certification, with the way Tourism can work 4PS, to build the same way outbound customer service brand, leading construction service standards of the tourism industry 'non-standard products' field. '

Yan Xiaobin recognized with the way Tourism Chairman of very great importance and commitment in customer service. He believes that the 'non-standard goods' services in the tourism industry, professional people and services offered, is to create 'non-standard products 'travel service brand basis, the same way to start the' non-standard products, 'the service system of certification, regardless of ideology or action, are walking in the forefront of the industry.' we are looking forward 4PS professional guidance and service, you can quickly enhance the same way outbound quality, customer service levels, in the 'non-standard goods' services, you can make the same level of service standard outbound tourists drive the rapid growth of the tourism industry as a benchmark. '

Will start last, specifically Dr. Yan Xiaobin Wang also briefed the Chairman awarded with the way Tourism customer service strategy consultant appointment letter, formally invited the Chairman Yan Xiaobin as a strategic consultant with the way Tourism customer service center, with the way Tourism guide and improve customer service quality and level.

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Traditional Chinese: 同程旅遊創始人會見4PS聯絡中心國際標準組織聯合主席一行