Guilty of animal in nature without even chew on some natural white flowers in spring over

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Lead: blink of an eye to the blooming season, graceful swaying flowers in addition to people can actually enjoy to satisfy their appetites lot both as a decorative flower on the plate, you can also flavor into the dishes, so that you are not a pro-Ze. live Qing negative spring to the spring bar into his mouth.

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Delicate bright flowers make a bland dish miraculous, people seem to swallow the entire spring. Just make sure you eat the flowers, non-toxic, clean, without pesticides pollution, absolutely eat flowers spring is the most elegant move.

Eat the flowers it is traditional, especially in dishes from around Asia, the Middle East and Europe, the flowers into the dishes for a long time in China and Greece, eating flowers can be traced back to the history of ancient times.

Human eating flower flowers initial motivation was to nutritional and medicinal effect, but soon it was discovered that many of the unique fragrance of flowers taste more attractive. Modern culinary use of flowers not only stay in the Garnishing with taste, aroma and well bold and fascinating fusion of color.

An example is the common summer marigold, marigold flowers not only fragrant, or extract natural yellow pigment raw materials, and precious saffron because there are similarities, for centuries, used it to Western Lane into the soup or dishes coloring, Chinese also has marigold stew Sydney.

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Traditional Chinese: 犯花癡 不嚼上幾朵花兒春天就算白過了