"Three-body" will be adapted into a TV series broadcast week

Updated: October 22, 2015  Views: 184

Sina Game News October 22 news, just when the movie << >> trisomy into the late fixing of special effects, Hunan Satellite TV official microblogging recently exposed this fiction will also be adapted into a week radio drama, performed in youth when theater broadcast.

Hunan Satellite TV Mango fishing Recently micro-Bo exposure of youth to be broadcast repertoire performed, respectively, Dilly >> << spicy heat distortion meter may Alabama, fashion kingdom >> << Guo Chen winter, birds commitment << >> trisomy << >> << >> in New York when we love, love the shuttle millennium << 2 >> << 2 >> Tornado girls can be seen, this being included Liu Cixin eligible for Hugo Award for best science fiction saga Award << >> trisomy television series impressively.

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Traditional Chinese: 《三體》將改編成周播電視劇