Daily Figure embarrassing: I do what delicious little sausages

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Three Views destroy / break limit / unchaste Terrier gathering, working day update, bringing the most incisive bone Tucao and the best caption! In position to make the freshest Tucao >> << Daily embarrassing! (Edit: dac

[Excuse me? Japanese media said the Japanese school uniform price increases due to the Chinese people eat too hot pot] Japan << Asahi Shimbun >> reported that enrollment quarter of this year, prices have risen students school uniforms, while one of the reasons is because the Chinese people too hot to eat, when to eat hot pot lamb love, making China the world's largest importer of lamb, sheep farming caused by increased consumption amount for reducing the amount of sheep breeding production of uniforms, school uniforms production cost becomes high.

I know all the truth, so who is Jafar -

I know all the truth, so who is Jafar.

The world's biggest scam: low-fat milk, the production process is not extracted from milk fat part, but the mixing whole milk and skim milk ......

Buy new clothes new pants, new shoes must wear the next day, to wear over a few days people are too may be able to, and Ayutthaya deep, not close friends, terrible.

I do what delicious little sausages -

Meow meow and wanted to rub the cat ah!

Sanjin said to me: 'I have to do a little afterlife male dog, hungry, go get something to eat trash, thirsty to drink water street, to see the beautiful season estrus bitch, go look cool too not responsible for, wait for old age in retrospect, have their own children everywhere, think about the excitement! '

I said: 'in front of that nonsense, you just want honest eat shit!'

I did not realize it was -


And play to people who play together can be called to play, and play to people who do not play together, feeling like overtime ah!

Skin is a kind of metaphysics, if you do not point more than their own economic capacity of the product, there is no point effect.

A nice drift, even Wuling Hongguang too far behind -

Drift donkey cart

A lot of people at the crossroads waiting for the bus, the driver called and said:. 'You look at me a little, ah, do not miss me.'

Current situation, then suddenly felt himself being attacked down!

Children do a poem -

call! Uncle Wang is Jinkela!

Before opening day, my mom took me all earnestness, said:. 'Children, you have three days of school, and a little grow it, do as before and the students always fight' heard this was very ashamed, I think you can not let my mother worry about, so the next day and the teacher had a fight.

Spider-Man: I back up this pot -

'Parker, you have to remember, the greater the force, the greater the FML!'

'Every time I see Song Contest, someone always says folk die, rock immortality, and that in the end what is dead'?

'Ugly death.'

The metaphor very appropriate -

Wide frame looks delicious

There is always such a person, as the mean upright, mouth cheap as frank, prompting us upset irritability, anger rising here to tell you a recipe for a goal: 4.5 grams of dried tangerine peel, Pinellia 3 grams, Poria 3 grams, 0.9 grams of licorice, plus three bowls of water, fry the fire bowl, then pour the other face can be.

Players: This time I actually did not fall, praise too ......

3 >> << Darksoul

'Have you heard of 3D surround music? Particularly cool!'

'I heard a child.'

'Your child will have 3D surround music? What song?'

'Diushou Juan.'

See more of Jin Yong's dog, and finally found the cliff and did not Helen of Troy -

Kuaiqu Jiu he ah Hey!

A barber shop frequented by every few days to wash your hair, a long time on the familiar, the store has prepaid anniversary activities, I volunteered to do cards for various reasons they do not say, do give people later found to do, a little angry, there is no going in, and then later I heard that barber shop closed Paolu ......

It failed to take off -

You can also grease gun, point a sure fire Bang Bang da!

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Traditional Chinese: 每日囧圖:我做的小肉腸好吃麽