Look how much coffee customer performance?

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Lead: France is a tourist country, but many tourists have complained cafes, restaurants, hospitality rude what is proper hospitality in some restaurants owners opinion, courtesy should start from both sides.?.

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US social news site Red Di Network (posted on Reddit carte menu display, a cup of coffee depends on how much money consumers politeness. For example, if you just say 'cup of coffee', then a cup of € 1.5 ($ 1.1 yuan, if you add a 'please', then the coffee is € 1.3 (9.6 yuan a cup, if you try to be polite, first to say 'hello', say, 'coffee, please,' which received only a cup of coffee 1 Euro (7.4 yuan to the dot Menus from the French city of Grenoble in southeastern France, 'local' website quoted a restaurant owner as saying:. 'I said to myself, no one wants to be offended, and vice versa. people entered the store, at the beginning do not understand how it is, then their expression changed, I feel very interesting to do. everyone laughed. '

Original title: The US social news site Red Di Network: How much coffee to see customer performance

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Traditional Chinese: 咖啡多少錢看顧客表現?