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Lead: new jobs, new maps, a new story, the first fantasy gaming NetEase Ghost Story >> << new five-year appointment hot new piece of information in the server! The recent fifth anniversary of player data theme 'My Qiannv Diary', evokes a section of players and brothers, comrades, lovers with the brush strange playing treasure, league play, play to their homes, look at the scenery and other memories! With the fifth anniversary of beta piece of information, a reflux activity will also be on the line, will invite old friends return will have the exclusive fashion - Fantasy, out of print title systemic effects 'earthly Meet open laugh' and other surprises waiting for you! Now, let Xiaobian take you glance pleasant surprise!

Qiannv opened my diary, memories inquiry Exclusive

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Bring back old friends, leading exclusive fashion and special effects title

Fifth anniversary of the event will be the fifth anniversary of reflux piece of information the official beta the same day (April 21 to open, existing players can friends and the gang 'recall' former comrade in arms, adjourned Qiannv Love! Old comrades return and bind with existing player character after existing players can redeem the huge awards, including the 2014 best-selling fashion mall dragon soul sister models - Fantasy, systemic effects color print title 'earthly meet open laugh,' 'Ruyi' horse and other multiple manners!

Exclusive fashion award reflux events - Fantasy, filled with moist soft silk texture with sweet pink-based, with a metallic silver and elegant red silk, very moving glamorous! The color title 'Meet open laugh earth' is one of the few systemic effects Qiannv world title, it will have to wear cool special effects around the characters around, so that you keep them coming back in the crowd accounted burst table!

Moist powder Yan, the new Fantasy horse

Players return to double ceremony, this new service are welfare service

The invited players and old players as long as the prior completion of binding, whether it is a return to the present server, or went to the new server will be eligible for return to BUFF, tasks, home activities and other surprise rewards addition, better bring the whole gang additional benefits! In addition, a return to the player after completing a simple task to grow Guan Ning, gang league, weekend activities, there is also a new fashion 'Fantasy' and systemic effects title reward.

Moreover, the return of the old players the server, but can receive contains a new bubble effects horse -. 'Spring full moon,' the red carpet return gifts 'Spring Full Moon' is the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of exclusive special effects horse, ride time, will release dreamy bubble effects, and the bubble will emerge with those familiar faces, is Qiannv world again and again and eyebrows slightest dusty memories! Quickly log in the game, along with former comrades battles Qiannv it!

'Spring Full Moon' horse: Menghuanpaoying dream is also illusory

<< Ghost Story >> new piece of information is about the fifth anniversary of the official beta on April 21, at present, the new server is already open appointments in advance landing new server and create a role, will have the opportunity to get new clothes for Free queuing qualifications, reveal Sword mini fairy king coupons and other seven players privilege! At the same time, full of memories and touching Qiannv fifth anniversary activities will be on the line, more benefits and surprises waiting for you to discover!

New Ghost Story >> << fiery appointment of new service

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Traditional Chinese: 網易玄幻網遊《新倩女幽魂》回流福利全解析