"3 witches" Blood and Wine entity Edition DLC cover exposure Quint send cards

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Recently, the 'Polish media broke the news in advance Blood and Wine release date' so many players excited, but recently been proven to be a false message then << wizard 3: Wild Hunt >> The producers CDPR finally released a little better message: 3 >> << wizard blood and wine DLC cover map officially released, Geralt the White Wolf debut.

<< 3 >> DLC wizard blood and wine cover exposure

According to reports, blood and wine takes place in a story called Vincent Tao belongs Nifujiade Empire, probably located on the former border of the northern kingdom Duchy of self-government. The country property abundance, especially wine is world-famous because of the autonomous status of the country, it has not been involved in any war, it can be said that the shaman 3 era, pottery Vincent Circle in the north, in addition to Ke Weier outside the richest but also the peace of the country.

<< 3 >> DLC wizard blood and wine cover exposure

In 'Blood and Wine', the players will come to a new map called 'Toussaint' in a series of adventures. According CDPR previous reports, the new area will Duchamp and existing Novi Grad and other places as big , you want to punch through DLC package is estimated to be consuming 20 hours, the content can be quite rich. If you want to start with 'blood and wine', then you can consider starting a physical version of the DLC. in this version of the entity you can not only get a DLC download code, you can also get two cards Quint.

<< 3 >> DLC wizard blood and wine cover exposure

Somewhat unfortunately, CDPR had still not announced the 'Blood and Wine' release date.

<< 3 >> DLC wizard blood and wine cover exposure

<< Wizard 3: Wild Hunt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt >> is produced by CD Projekt RED, WB Games (NA, Spike Chunsoft (JP issued a stand-alone role-playing game, in May 19, 2015 issue for the third wizard << >> series of games work. any player can explore the world of seamless, non-linear story is set, the overall size is 30 times the original game. coupled with real character set , a fascinating story, and players without loading process can swim freely open environment, bring players more shocking experience.

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