Japan's 18-game ban makers blew: custom shop frequented

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Recently sister who smoke a lot of games together and most still do girl games anime and manga, to develop methods of care of the household passers << >> << >> girls marching to the wilderness < > << >> Samadhi development, etc., although the work of a team game or sister majority, either entirely composed by the sister who, but in reality tour industry yellow female practitioners is not too much, this due to the nature of the game content industry male workers still accounted for the majority, so in the industry as a scarce resource is how to treat their female employees yellow travel industry, how to engage in the production of these yellow swim it? Japanese media plays a female yellow tour , about the status of women through her yellow swim makers.

The sister in yellow travel industry is completely out of their own interest. 'I wanted to be a writer and write some scriptwriters wanted to write stories, so he played a college study, Huang was a tour company invited me to intern, so I entered the yellow travel industry, now run as a script writer Huang has been working for four years, has also become very interesting, to be honest if they say I wrote the screenplay color too, I'm happy, able to write Huang tour script and appreciated by others and maybe that is the driving force behind my work. '

About yellow travel industry in the proportion of men and women, the sister's own estimates in 8: about 2, 'the proportion of male and female practitioners practitioners generally in 8: 2, of course, my sister is accounted for two percent, if it is to develop Women will increase the proportion of women members of the production team in the game, then, but my company produced the game mostly to men, but in the game character image, a lot of CG female artist in the field, so the production is not entirely yellow tour male employees of the world ', suddenly remembered an industry legend, said that some job stability and quality of work of their sister girl game production team in the country is higher than male members, especially in terms of insert painted female artist often than painting male artist also sensational.

Yellow swim in a wide variety of Play, yellow tour itself, there are all kinds of sexual addiction for the player's classification, and in the game script writing in the female tour Huang screenplay writers to make their own travel involved in the production of yellow can stimulate functional, sometimes to thoroughly get to know some of the players particularity addiction crowd, 'I recently participated in the production of yellow M M to swim, so I sometimes going to interview some famous custom shop SM queen big people, and they chat from the S angle saw like M M groups, but also by some of the adult male M love action movies and cartoons, even on the Internet to read M M opened blog, as much as possible to grasp the target audience's preferences and psychological, because players really warm, in response to the player is writing the script only to the pursuit of the ultimate close to their preferences, every day I go to sell M M props dedicated website. I was originally a relatively M man, but since I do the job S side on awakening, the more yellow swim screenplay writing their own life experience on a steady increase among '

Yellow Tour allows players to experience in reality can not experience the thrill of desire to vent, it seems to have yellow swim scriptwriters who write yellow script is run before the increase can not experience their own experience of things, although much is made out of yellow tour interest, but after all this is a job need to make money to feed their families, while wages substantially yellow travel industry and animation industry, almost tragic, 'Huang tour is doing a very hard job, nine in the morning to go to work every day half past six p.m. work, when overtime daily average delivery close to two hours, but wages are not high, the monthly salary is 100,000 to 200,000 yen (about RMB 5900-11800 yuan, while hot-selling works if the telephone company will point bonuses, but do not have too high expectations for the prize, you might as well do ordinary office workers, make more money. '

In Japan, sales of the yellow travel market continued to shrink in the moment, I am afraid that in a few years this month wage 100,000 to 200,000 Japanese yen can not be guaranteed, and animation industries and yellow travel industry practitioners who also has one pair of works I love heart, really dry line love line.

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Traditional Chinese: 日本18禁遊戲制作者自爆:經常光顧風俗店