Spring skin did not want to "Jianguang Si" That's a good scrub bar

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Lead: spring is excellent, can not help but go out flowers outing, however, plenty of sun but it is easier to make rough skin directly exposed to 'daylight' skin roughness, to a large extent determined by the horny skin if you do not want. '. Jianguang Si ', then you have to learn how to properly care horny! (Source: Posters Fashion Network

Spring skin did not want to 'Jianguang Si' That's a good scrub bar

Spring is excellent, can not help but go out flowers outing, however, plenty of sun but it is easier to make rough skin directly exposed to the 'broad daylight.' Roughness of the skin, to a large extent determine the skin by exfoliating. If you do not want to 'see the light death ', then you have to learn how to properly care horny!

Horny action

Horny role:

Located in the epidermis cuticle had our first human skin a natural barrier, which is composed of 5 to 10 layers of dead skin cells flat composition, it will be with the skin's metabolism to generate self shedding its metabolic cycle is generally 28 days , one of which is the skin care products generally require a month to see the effect of the cause.

The horny skin on one hand, it can play a very good protection, for example against the physical, chemical and other types of damage, but also can lock water to prevent loss of nutrients within the skin, on the other hand, thick cuticle but it will affect the normal metabolism of the skin, affecting skin tenderness, elasticity, making the skin look dull, rough, and the accumulation of dirt and grease, but also increase the growth of bacteria, thereby causing inflammation, explosion pox etc. Therefore, horny too thin skin resistance will weak, common and sensitive skin redness, thick skin will look very poor, common skin rough, dull.

Look skin exfoliating:

Speaking horny care, of course, to distinguish from the skin drying and sensitive muscle muscle can be divided into a class, and oil mixed muscle muscles can be divided into a class.

Dry skin & sensitive skin

Partition care, once a month

Cuticles are usually dried muscle is weak, so its not a good seal in moisture and oil, leading to dry, dehydrated skin. Muscles and sensitive skin self-defense capability is weak, it will be relatively fragile cuticle also a number. So these two skin type are not suitable for frequent or exfoliating scrub can be gentle exfoliating keratin easy to accumulate work for T-zone and nose, once a month.

Mixed & Oily Skin

According to the state of the whole face skin carried out once a week or once every two weeks

Mixed muscle and muscle typically oily T-zone and nose two parts oil secretion strong, often thicker horny, and easy accumulation of oil, so that the two regions need to strengthen the exfoliating frequency according to skin condition may be a week or two again. and because their skin is thinner cheek, it is generally not too hard to deal with, so that when exfoliating product to stay awhile and do not always work to exfoliate the cheek.

About exfoliating product:

Exfoliating products and there are many, is more common acids and scrub products, the former so horny peeling by chemical methods, and the latter by physical friction exfoliates, while products which are used periodically in recent years , many brands introduced some horny conditioning products and adding a slight exfoliating effect of cleansing products, they can be used sooner or later, can better form to subtly get rid of old skin daily metabolic waste horny.

Horny conditioning products:

Suitable: all skin types the whole face.

Frequency: You can use every day.

Horny conditioning products in recent years specifically for horny care products, they are actually more like a lotion or muscle base solution, through a number of specific components in the day to day care of the process, so back to the law of the stratum corneum metabolism. At the same time, they also have a slight remove old dead skin effect, through each smear, soften and take away dead skin cells, strengthen absorption of subsequent products. Therefore, especially for healthy skin and sensitive muscle to use.

Beauty Yves Saint Laurent (YSL Beauty Lotion youth living Yan

Beauty Yves Saint Laurent (YSL Beauty Lotion youth living Yan

Price: RMB780 / 200ml

Product Details

The first focuses on 'horny conditioning,' the essence of aquatic products, conducting scientific and technological precision dual transmission 'glycan Musical 3' complex, through the 'horny conditioning,' so that the law of return cuticle metabolism. The first step daily maintenance, just to give the skin Serum levels of efficient maintenance and more moist than the make-up water, lighter than the original essence of Gel emulsion texture, make back the cuticle moist, healthy, shiny, more open and efficient absorption passage of follow-up care.

Oupo (Aupres horny muscle conditioning base solution

Oupo (Aupres horny muscle conditioning base solution

Price: RMB170 / 170ml

Product Details

The horny muscle conditioning bottom was wiped gently deposited on the skin surface stubborn dirt, dead skin as a result of dull skin and clouding factors in repair damaged horny, while promoting the use of follow-up lotion, cream and gel permeation absorbed smoother skin moist, white and carved to create soft skin.

Paula's Choice 2% salicylic acid Energizing Essence

Paula's Choice 2% salicylic acid Energizing Essence

Price: RMB218 / 118ml

Product Details

Containing 2% salicylic acid (BHA, pH values between 3.2-3.6, quality recipes, soft fresh, fast absorbing, not only to clean the skin leather cuticle, smooth skin, but also deep clean pores inside help remove blackheads and acne, promote metabolism, a natural anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects, with sunscreen, moisturizer or other special skin care and make-up used in common, not clog pores, full of fragrance free and dye.

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Traditional Chinese: 春日肌膚不想“見光死” 那就好好去角質吧