University graduates face job employment loans to trap salaries owed ten thousand yuan

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'Loans for training, after the training can be high-paying jobs.' Now to see similar information, 24-year-old Jun endless smile, last month, she had just to get rid of this 'trouble.'

I wanted to find 'good job', but unexpectedly, not only did not work coming from, but also because to participate in 'training' a loan, but also to regular monthly 900 yuan. 'Heartbroken, then do not believe.' Jun Say.

For the salaries owed million in loans

July 2015, Jun Zhengzhou Conference and Exhibition Center to participate in a large-scale job fairs, see the UF cloud Zhengzhou Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Zhengzhou UFIDA' positive accountant, she cast a resume. Xiaojun said the company on leaflets promised very attractive salary: 3 years average annual salary of 5 million to 10 million, three-year to five-year average annual salary of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, the state of the insurance benefits.

After the first test, retest, accounting graduate Jun Zhengzhou successfully enter the UF, however, Zhengzhou, the UF did not immediately sign labor contracts with Xiaojun, the staff told Xiaojun, because she did not have work experience, need to be trained for three months. Training ends after the enterprise does not work, but recommended to the client enterprises, large enterprises are to ensure that the accounting post, line the city's monthly salary can reach 4,500 yuan in Zhengzhou work can reach more than 3500 yuan, but the condition is to pay 12,765 yuan of 'training fee.'

For university graduates it is not a small number, Jun hesitated this time, Zhengzhou UFIDA their proposed 'solution' on an economy - loans.

Staff said, considering she just graduated, no income, the first four months of the loan also, after the monthly reimbursement made by me on a regular basis the UF Zhengzhou.

'In the future they will get paid, every month even if money does not matter.' After taking into account the expiration of the training monthly salary can reach 3,500 yuan, Jun hesitation finally agreed. Then she signed with the UF Zhengzhou accounting training employment agreement, and signed a loan agreement with a finance company introduced the company's total loans to 12,765 yuan.

Xiaojun said, when her accounting class where seven or eight individuals have a loan. But before long, they'll regret it. After signing the loan, the money never reached their accounts, a move the company is also very suspicious. But they are just out of school, find a professional counterparts that work is not easy, so slowly lowered his guard. after the loan paperwork, they have a 'training.' after two months, they began to recommend the UF Zhengzhou enterprises to participate in the interview.

Xiaojun interview first company is a well-known company, the person said, the probation period wages 1,800 yuan, 2300 yuan after the positive, with the previous commitment Zhengzhou UF's very different. 'Without the loan, I can accept, you can still a month to 900 yuan loans, the rest of the money simply can not live. 'Jun leaving unacceptable is the enterprise, the job she was not the accounting arrangements, but the guide table member. a few days later, he resigned Jun .

Subsequently, the UF Zhengzhou Jun to call again recommended operating requirements. Second, the company introduced a financial Xiaojun assistant manager job, probation 2500 yuan per month, 3000 yuan after the positive, but after the interview, corporate she did not admit. third, the UF Zhengzhou and Kaifeng recommended Xiaojun to a glass factory to do the accounting, but Xiaojun, said she did not experience the other party to refuse the hire her.

Work has not settled down, never Xiaojun began in December 2015 and embarked on a repayment day. '5 months ago, has more than 200 yuan a month, and later also to 900 yuan a month, no work no income, but also give mouth to find home for money to repay. 'Jun grumbled.

Loan agreement Mao Erni

Jun display provides loan agreement, the borrower interest rate of 7.68%, loan repayment in two phases, the first phase of nine months, the second phase of 15 months, in the first nine months of monthly repayment 210.62 yuan, after 15 months monthly repayment 855.25 yuan.

Xiaojun said that the loan did not break into their personal accounts, but directly into an account called Zhengzhou Tang Software Technology Co., Ltd.. 'Credit to do directly in the past, signed a bunch of materials, we have not enough time to carefully look at the terms. 'Jun said that not only did not see the money, the repayment, she also needs to find the money more.

Jun repayment schedule display, the repayment period is 24 months, the time from July 2015 to July 2017, the first nine months also 255.3 yuan per month after 15 months also 899.93 yuan per month, which she needs to undertake after 20 months of repayment. so calculated down to 24 months repayment totaling 15,796.65 yuan, annual interest rate of over 23.7%.

After carefully reading the terms, Jun discovered that, in addition to the need to repay the principal and interest, she had to 428.88 yuan and 643.44 yuan consulting fees to pay service fees to credit companies, and the money can be divided into two 24-month pay .

Jun and join training two students had a similar experience.

Reporters through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the inquiry found, Zhengzhou, the UF registered business scope, there is no training program.

So, Jun borrowing directly into the Zhengzhou Tang Software Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, with the UF is what does it matter? The company said the propaganda on the Internet, 'Zhengzhou Tang Software Technology Co., Ltd. is the only authorized the UF education in Henan and cooperative institutions, mainly high-end personnel training services for Undergraduates in Henan Province, as soon as possible so that we embark on Jinling career, the early realization of their dreams. '

In this regard, Zhengzhou UFIDA a staff member surnamed Wei said that the reason for the students to take the form of loans, also taking into account the student just graduated, the economy is poor. Xiaojun and other participants of the loan money has been transferred to the credit company Zhengzhou UF and now students have regular monthly call money is credit companies.

As for the promise of high-paying why not reach the UF staff Zhengzhou explained:?. 'This is the level of previous years, it is inevitable unexpected' Jun asked why only one facing this situation, and the agreement expressly refers to 'second-tier cities positive after three years the average annual salary of 50,000 to 80,000 yuan, 'the staff member said:' Zhengzhou is the third-tier cities, businesses to advertise, how much will a little exaggerated. '

Jun in desperation, to the media for help, and complained to the business sector. Soon, Jun received a phone call the UF staff in Zhengzhou, the other party agreed to Jun 15 thousand yuan in compensation, the condition is that he let Xiaojun Foreign month basic salary of 3,000 yuan, can not be interviewed by the media.

'I want this experience, so university graduates on some less when it taste too bad. But because of this incident, the house had traumatic utter confusion, I just want to solve as soon as possible to take off from the troubles came. 'ultimately, after Jun and at home to discuss and accept the other's conditions.

Employment trap 'employment credit' behind

Similar Xiaojun, from Luoyang, a graduate colleges Wang also felt 'cheated.'

In July 2013, after Wang graduated Borch Arima (Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Wang to throw an olive branch, on condition that Wang need to participate in their pre-service training Wang recalled:. 'At that time, they say, training 3 months after induction to the organization of work, etc. after the organization of work, with wages to repay the loan. '

Ten thousand dollars in loans to pay training fees after more than two years, Wang has yet to get the promised work, but also face enormous financial pressure, when Wang repeatedly called to ask, the staff has been all kinds of excuses for him. According to the reporter, this Borch Arima (Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Luoyang Branch and no training qualifications.

In recent years, college graduates increased, partially saturated market demand and other factors, many companies take advantage of university graduates eager job-seekers, the real lack of understanding of the complexity of the features to lure high-paying students, for students to accept the 'pre-job training' and 'training fee' is borrowing by credit companies.

According to several of the students surveyed described Reporters combed the 'job-prime' employment trap so-called 'loan-job' training enterprises and credit institutions, the graduates in his own name, as loans to credit institutions 'training fees '' training fee 'directly into the business account, the money will be able to graduate without having to accept the' training. '

Credit institutions will be 'training fee' call companies, in fact, this process is to produce a lending process, credit institutions, although an indication of interest, but also high loan process 'consulting fees' and 'service fees', and these money, personal commitment by the graduates.

Once leavers 'Training', credit institutions put money, unemployed graduates, already saddled with loans. 'Training' Already, companies will recommend to some companies, but if the work is not satisfactory, the graduates took the low wages, not only bear the cost of living, but also saddled with enormous repayment pressure.

One respondent graduate, said: 'On the surface, we recommend to work, in fact, through recruitment site on our resume, even resume our change hype and then go out indiscriminately, on the results of the interview asked if we resume those things, we also answer any of them. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 大學畢業生遭遇求職貸就業陷阱 為拿高薪欠萬元