Hearthstone legend melee crow statue week voyage of discovery

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But also to a week melee, the great content first to know Hearthstone legend >> << latest expansion pack -. 'Old God Whispers' will be formally launched on April 27, this week's melee will also be a new version last scuffle in front of the line. as a veteran let them relax, let novices to experience the game and win card package model, this week's melee will give us what kind of surprise? Check it out together !

Discovery discover your good luck

<< >> This Week Hearthstone legend melee theme: discovery! When you want a spell card, but always found an entourage card? Never mind, this time we will use the 30 crow statues to fill your deck, so once you find your fill! Rules can be seen from this week's test will be very melee of players luck and character, before the start of the game do not forget to wash yo.

Discovery and choice of candidates for election day

Crow looked full of statues hand, maybe you will find this week's melee will become totally see the face of the game, it is not. Although we can not determine the 'discovery' of the results, but the beginning of the 'choice' is still decided by the players themselves in the scene when the advantage is to continue to seek more followers, or find a solution to stop the opponent's cards encore? at a disadvantage when the scene is to find AOE spells seek to narrow the gap with rivals, or to find a go Deathwing this enables the final word entourage? all this depends on your choice.

Free card pack coming incarnation of the legendary just around the corner

Hearthstone legend >> << melee mode on every Thursday to open a new game mode, as long as you can get the first win in the melee mode rewarded classic card package, so that card collectors are free to enrich own library, if your character overflowing, legends class cards and even the legendary gold card free is also likely to be included in your collection. << >> Hearthstone legend melee novel mode of play, whether you are new to card novice players card game or has worked hard for many years in an oven stone circles master card, as long as you come to Hearthstone Bros., will be able to experience unprecedented passion and joy.

Hearthstone legend << >> new version last week before the scuffle has come, Who can find more surprises in this journey of discovery in? We Hearthstone Inn outcome.

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Traditional Chinese: 爐石傳說本周亂鬥 烏鴉神像的發現之旅