"Monster Hunter: Adventure" will land iOS

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From 2013 to 2015 are now drawing to a close, this Capcom's to 'bounce' the famous RPG series of hand-tour new work << Monster Hunter: Adventure >> (Monster Hunter Explore finally late, following earlier after landing Android platform, on September 29 landing iOS platform, presumably 'monster hunter' series of loyal players who have hunger and thirst, I can not wait to pick up the latest iPhone6S, try the quality of the mobile version of it.

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<< Monster Hunter: Adventure >> September 29 landing iOS platform

The stage for adventure is set above the numerous small islands of 'broken Islands', the island is home to spread know how many generations of ancient creatures, the crisis naturally also buried numerous Mibao wealth. Players will enter this again piece uncivilized world, and in order to find hidden within the island's many monuments Mibao start a new adventure and hunting.

<< Monster Hunter: Adventure >> September 29 landing iOS platform

From the current exposure of screenshots of the game scene aesthetic anomalies. This continent is surrounded by dazzling blue ocean, where sporadic floating is 'broken Islands' and 'Makakujia Island' is the brave southwest their main search target. this pattern can not help setting reminiscent of the sea >> << horn, also sailing adventure to explore the ruins, but the fire fighting at sea, fishing all kinds of fish and other marine activities to make the game seem more a degree of freedom, but also greatly adds to the fun of the game, << monster hunter:? Adventure >> whether will learn a little, add a little similar to the plot of it we just wait and see.

In addition to the 3DS version of the monster, arms engraved to complete the mobile version, series fine tradition of players talked about 'synergies' element is also extended to this as, with respect to many of the game without fighting brain amok system, you want to get this for victory in battle is not so easy to do, just look closely to find the weaknesses of each monster site and targeted attacks side has ghost of a chance.

<< Monster Hunter: Adventure >> September 29 landing iOS platform

Since September 3 Android platform has been added to the lead, << Monster Hunter: Adventure >> has attracted more than 500,000 downloads, it seems that the light with the 'Monster Hunter' IP effect, it had been destined to be a bright prospects, coupled with the development team if the scene is set, the intentions and sincerity on the play mode, even if the operation is still not comparable with the host version, that is a worth a try 'monster hunter' hand tour. interest friends, September 29 to open the map, Hupenghuanyou, go to capture a large monster oppressive stunning visual effect of it!

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Traditional Chinese: 《怪物獵人:探險》將登陸iOS