International Class Parents reading: why Chinese people are keen to study in Canada

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According to the Canadian << World News >> reported that the Canadian government wants to attract foreign students to actively immigrants, Immigration Minister (microblogging) Mak Lian (John McCallum has repeatedly said publicly that study abroad (microblogging) Health is Canada's most promising immigrants Department of immigration is considering amendments allow students to get more points in the fast immigration.

According to statistics, by the end of 2014 students studying in Canada to Chinese students up to a maximum of 11 million people, accounting for one third of the country's student population is three times the number of Indian students in second place.

Statistics also noted that Ontario still attracts the most students, while the number of foreign students in British Columbia is to reach 96,776 people, almost equal to the 10 million mark.

It is reported that carefree Canada, the Department of Immigration to the latest statistics show that the number of Chinese students in the past 10 years, almost every year, 2005, 40018 people, 68459 people in 2011, 2013, 95710 people in 2014 to reach 11918 people, compared to the previous an increase of 15,000 people. in terms of age students, the number of students aged 15 to 29 years of age up to 29 778 people, while a smaller number of students 14 years of age has reached 16373 people, more and more number of people. in terms of the distribution of the provinces students, Ann Province 143,786 people, there is still the most students to the provinces, and British Columbia, there are 97,776 people, 47,888 people in Quebec are twice as many.

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