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Lead: 2016 China Fashion Awards from the time the media poured into the star Jiabinliai, Yoon, Han fire fire, and from the media: posters Korea Senior Beauty Great God Pony__ Pu Huimin, Yi Keli Lane successive exposure, today Li Beika different to the world [microblogging] also announced to join the 2016 China fashion Award from the media.

2016, April 29, Beijing 751D · Park will usher in a web 3.0 era unprecedented event --2016 China Fashion Award from the media. At that time, Sina will release 'Chinese fashion hundred media from the value list,' the based on the list of large data microblogging, letters, and other platforms seconds beat analysis, fashion fans portrait spheres of life from China's most influential media, the depth of excavation high net worth fan base.

The whole network exclusive list data and 100 hottest fashion from the media, 15 + transboundary fashion stars to help out, 50 + super lineup of mainstream media has raised concerns of the industry.

Li Beika [microblogging], your nearest fashion the main reason people from the media. A Shopaholic shopping with blood and tears summary 'Guide to chop hands,' wrote a mouse Taoxintaofei 'buy buy buy the Bible.' , only to become your carry-on 'money light.' Do not feel cold high fashion far away from you, in Li Beika's world, fashion has no boundaries, only fun.

In addition to Li Beika's world [microblogging], Pony__ Pu Huimin, Yike Li in what other fashion from the media will join the 2016 China Fashion Award from the media? What will be the exposure will continue to surprise? In April 29, one hundred fashion super team from the media, the strength to fight, who is the fashion media from annual TOP10? let us look forward to it!

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Traditional Chinese: 黎貝卡的異想世界:我在#2016中國時尚自媒體大賞#