ArcheAge Beta adding a lot of singing Chinese wind element SNH48

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Sina Game News April 25 news, the ancient century << >> April 21 has been open beta, this beta version hit China, a large number of updates with Chinese characteristics play content elements, including a copy of the Chinese classical style atrium smoke satisfy the , combat pet Monkey King and the players play the highest level of organization of the national system. in addition, SNH48 also brought two theme song.

National System formally launched

Players highest organizational structure consisting of friends, family and expedition consisting of - a national system officially open to all players, powerful expedition upgrade territory, building their own palaces and kingdoms, Common member countries through trade and access to national labor gold coins, gold coins can be exchanged for the national use of national fashion, mounts and other countries exclusive props, but also kings and lords can foster a symbol of the strength of the horse flaming dragon.

<< >> Ancient century horse Blazing Dragon King

The first expedition Championship Open

<< >> The first ancient century expedition Championship kicked off preliminary expedition into the top eight by ballot form will start the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final total of three games, and only after numerous tests and the brightest strong Lectra enemy expedition team, in order to obtain the strongest >> << ancient century king trophy eventually won the championship expedition team won the championship trophy, 50000Q credits and awesome reward 50000 gold, the top eight of the expedition will be based on their ranked get rich rewards.

<< >> The first expedition ArcheAge Open Championship
Ancient century << >> The winner will receive the highest honors and awards

Xiang of China Chamber smoke style copy

Smoke satisfy the court a copy of the new Chinese players officially open, and the strong Chinese classical elements into one, players in the game can experience the beautiful style. Lute, flute and zither and other instruments playing the melody while bloodshed. Further Ju Jing Yi Li to join SNH48 digital girl brought a copy of the theme song << >> and << a Liya dream you my melody >>.

<< >> One thousand ancient century tone girl Ali Ya

A copy of the full upgrade equipment

China Wind copy of the Chamber of smoke satisfy the falling property and equipment is very strong, basic properties reached the level of master of weaponry, and also attach additional exclusive features. Not only attribute burst table, smoke satisfy the court with Chinese classical weaponry elements, such as the pipa, flute and zither and other players will be powerful equipment to strengthen to a copy of a higher-order goods, will also receive a beautiful appearance and light effects.

<< >> Ancient century rich Chinese classical elements

Beta activity

Ancient century << >> beta version, old players return to send 50 helicopters as well as master-level experience syrup weapons and armor suits, April 21 to May 18, kill the Boss can get a copy of game points, coupons and direct gold , play more and more too, from all the beta players can equip according to the ranking list >> << ArcheAge ranking official APP receive awards, including strengthening brilliant reel, etc., at the same time, the expedition leader may also receive expedition spree.

<< >> Ancient century mass beta activity
<< >> Ancient century Chinese style content
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Traditional Chinese: 上古世紀公測加入大量中國風元素 SNH48獻唱