Female college students in a car accident amputation donations help PubMed success

Updated: April 28, 2016  Views: 250

Into the low life from a car accident amputation, to regain the confidence of students admitted to prestigious Wuhan University of Science and City College senior girls Ming Ji Jun's story of self-improvement, it is blown away.

Ming Ji Jun is the school of Economics and Management Faculty of accounting students. 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival, she was brought down in the bus station waiting car Optics Valley near the bus, left foot was run over by a car, he was rushed to hospital in a coma . 'woke up after amputation need to be able to know the danger, I could not help crying.' Jun Ji Ming said, after I heard what had happened, school teachers and voluntary contributions, with the encouragement of teachers and students and their families, she gradually out of the shadow of the pain.

After the amputation to accept frequent rehabilitation, Ming Ji Jun start long-term hospitalization, fearing falling learning, while she receive rehabilitation treatment, while the English back in bed, self-study courses. During hospitalization, parents often accompany the side to take care of, the class instructor often to visit with fruit, basic weekly classmates came to visit ...... Jun Ji Ming let him slowly forget the pain. 'just an accident that time very confused, just think of PubMed (microblogging) to pick up the learning up efforts to make life more meaningful. 'Jun Ji Ming said, six months after she received prostheses to return to college. class guided Ningbo Xiao teacher said, during the preparation PubMed, Ming Ji Jun studying in study hall room every day from morning to evening even summer did not go home, the school insisted on preparing for examinations. recently, Jun Ji Ming is enrolled in Southwest University for Nationalities accounting graduate.

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Traditional Chinese: 女大學生遇車禍截肢 愛心捐款助力考研成功