Pegasus temporal Liu Hui City: Legendary players to a different "flavors" of choice

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Since Pegasus WORLD ANNOUNCES will jointly Shanda jointly launched 3D hand travel legend << >> Since our legend, as they are highly concerned about the majority of players and the industry in which many players said Mir Mobile << >> I Wen disappeared, legendary launched 3D hand travel is Exceeding our legendary << >> in the end what is the difference between the face of these questions, the ending of World CEO Liu Hui city accepted Sina game interview??:

Pegasus World CEO Liu Hui City

Liu Hui said the city: Legend IP in China has experienced ten years time, after 2-3 generations of precipitation and accumulation in today's opinion, is a legend not only IP, but also a cultural phenomenon, a feeling and <. <our legend >> is differentiated thinking as the starting point, to find a new position in the market, to retain the classic games are played at the same time into the latest optimization technology and fashion elements, hoping to give players a legend different 'flavors' choice. grand Games also hope that through our legendary >> << this product will be the legendary IP wider expansion and extension.

It is learned that our legendary >> << will be May 5, 2016 conducted the first test, 'ice-breaking measure.'

The following is an interview with Record:

Sina Games: << >> Miracle referendum has been a great success, select and temporal Pegasus grand game co-produced release, what is the motive and the opportunity it?

Liu Hui Cheng: I personally have always thought that the environment in the mobile games market maturing of the moment, a product in order to stand out in a number of products, in addition to a high level of production standards, more or look at the brand, while IP is the brand in the hands of inside tour the core is well known, making a hand travel products a year is sufficient, but a brand culture it takes 3 years, 5 years, or even more than 10 years in the end there is a lot of amusement IP-known brands worth mining.

Pegasus space-time in 2013 to select a 'miracle' when the IP is based on this idea, and Pegasus proved time and space this strategy is correct, and we go along this line of thinking, a product must also be with the next IP , even large IP products and services.

We talk about cooperation with the grand game, when the two sides reached a consensus to do based on the 'Legend' IP, the difference of the hand with innovative travel products, the introduction of Legend 3D hand to finalize our tour << legend> >.

Sina game: you are the 'Legend' This IP is what interpretation?

Liu Hui City: Legend IP in China has experienced ten years time, after 2-3 generations of precipitation and accumulation in today's opinion, it is a legend not only IP, but also a cultural phenomenon, and a feeling today. 90, 95 after what the motivation is to play legendary? really because like it? definitely not, because the story, because the legend, because heritage legend mythical let them have curiosity, historical heritage is very important.

Play Legend has a very unique qualitative, strong PK, playing BOSS grab equipment, which is at the end of travel of the more prominent, but these games like to play legendary players in the MMO population is a niche user groups, like the legend the players are like the excitement, like fighting players.

Overall, the legendary play seemingly small minority, but in fact the precise positioning of the game but with tradition, can accumulate. After so many years, but they can play a small minority accumulate large user groups from the market segment concerned, the legendary play today it seems to be the core of a niche product, but in terms of the volume, but also has a large user base.

Through these two points, I think, whether in legend IP or hand tour page tour era era has erupted opportunities and space. Legends is a continuing vitality of the IP, online games in China has become a cultural symbol. This IP so there are feelings , there is history, there is precipitation, there span, I think he should be multifaceted interpretation of certain period of time, not just limited to the classic and nostalgic. Pegasus temporal just trying to do what expansion.

Sina Games: At present, there's 'Legend' There are a lot of products, our legendary >> << biggest difference between these products and where?

Liu Hui Cheng: The first is the screen that we are using a 3D engine to interpret the classic 2D side tour of the screen followed by a style, it must be a traditional style, but the quality, the equipment must come from quality cool picture.. show their difference.

There is experience: the experience of a variety of growth, consumer experience from universal miracle MU >> << lessons learned, the player's hand travel characteristics of the new era is the rapid growth of fast-moving consumer us is to allow players from the fragmentation of time. get the best experience.

<< >> We legendary battle Sign Master

Sina game: << >> legend to retain our traditional elements at the same time, which also joined the innovative elements?

Liu Hui Cheng: First, we cite the rapid growth factors for example: wings wings in hand tour is very cool, but at the end of the tour, the beginning is not there is the expansion of the equipment system: Join hats, shields and other equipment can be placed next to the skin.

Games are played, we use voice interaction hand travel times, text chat features, designed with the end of the tour is not the same interactive system to improve interactivity.

Inter-service communication between cross-service can communicate, you can fight this point in time and space Pegasus at MU >> << wonders among the people to do very successful, and it extends, transplanted to our legendary << >> inside, do even better. we basically do seamless cross-service inter-service, a simple transfer can direct cross-service battlefield, when all the people in the miracle MU >> << Pegasus when time and space to achieve industry-leading, Turning now is still the industry leader.

Sina game: Pegasus time and space in cooperation with the big game, there has been disagreement is how to balance?

Liu Hui Cheng: First of all, with our grand game in the early direction is open, even if you encounter problems to discuss, so far there is no fundamental disagreement on some differences in details, can be solved by technical means, or find each other. agree that direction to get rid of. overall speaking, cooperation is very happy with the big game, there have been no difference in the direction of Shanda Games is a very accumulation companies, they idea with Pegasus time and space on the product the idea of making many of the same points, but have different views on some of the details, through their elaborate their point of view, will certainly find a way to solve the problem, methods.

Sina game: << >> legend in our end of the first use of iOS Apple's Metal optimization technology, players will experience what different?

Liu Hui City: Players will experience different from the picture quality to the smooth running at .10 times the efficiency, especially when no Caton people PK, which is less than the traditional technical experience.

Sina game: This technique can only be optimized for the iOS system, Andrews version is how to solve?

Liu Hui City: Andrews version and use the traditional OpenGL development of technology, but we have made a breakthrough on this basis: Depending on the type of device we have created a self-matching feature that allows players to own the device hardware to play the ultimate time, exhibit the highest quality, but the premise is to ensure the smooth PK will fight for this breakthrough did not do in the MU >> << universal miracle, but in our legendary >> << we finally did it.

Focus on the work of the legendary >> << Our R & D team

Sina game: This time, our legendary << >> size of the first test of how much you expect on the first day retention rate is the number??

Liu Hui Cheng: The first test will last about a week, is expected there will be tens of thousands of players into the game, a conservative estimate would be the first day of the retention rate of more than 50% of our legendary >> << expected at the end of May this year. officially launched.

Sina game: In view << >> Mir Mobile achieved excellent results, whether we would << legend >> stressful?

Liu Hui Cheng: I do not think there is too much pressure because we had time to discuss cooperation with Shanda is the purpose of holding market segments, not thinking must go beyond << >> Mir Mobile reach a new height. we feel able to give different users a differentiated experience to players like legendary IP a new feeling, to make a sub-category of legend IP is sufficient.

More time and space from the sky to meet the needs of users as a starting point, not to high revenue as the goal difference, the new class is our goal.

Sina Games: << universal miracle MU >> << successful experience to our legendary >> help me?

Liu Hui city: high-quality art legend >> << We have the industry's leading art effects.

Stability technology team. << Miracle MU >> referendum on-line on the first day surpass 70 million users, a total of 160 open group server 0 fault. On-line the first day until now no major technical failure. All these show that space-time sky technical stability of the entire team strong. this technology is bound to the stability of the new product were to go.

Version number of iterations sky space-time is a hard-working team, universal miracle MU >> << a half months will launch a new version of the three-month launched a big data sheet diligent style continues to this day, but also a direct continuation to the new products.

Diversity and improve the functionality of the game, and the balance will have to control values to new products.

Pegasus space and time have good genes to ensure that the referendum miracle MU >> << successful, these same genes and will continue to protect our legendary << >> success.

Sina Games:? << >> Legend follow our plan for what will promote the development of new and old users What are the different marketing strategies?

Liu Hui City: Our << >> legend in the promotion will be around the 'first 3D mobile games Legend' as the core to expand in different picture experience, different experience of growth, different gameplay experience, so a different consumer experience marketing to the rhythm from the terms of marketing, we combine traditional hand travel marketing experience, from the multi-faceted brand, public relations and other aspects of publicity.

We did not bother to distinguish between old and new users, I feel like our legendary << >> players can be called a new user is willing to accept << >> Mir mobile version of the old users can become old does not mean obsolete, new does not mean innocent. Select the taste is most important.

Sina game: In the future, time and space in which Pegasus big move will?

Liu Hui city: the moment, Pegasus will continue to take the time and space 'end of tour IP hand tour' line, and has a number of new projects in future negotiations, at the right time Pegasus will try to do something non-terminal tour IP class mobile games. product. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 天馬時空劉惠城:給傳奇玩家一個不同“口味”的選擇