Fairy wants to play offensive Yifei Liu Shi airport "fighting handsome"

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Lead: Ode to Joy female president of offensive << >> Fan Tao in the fans do not we all do, and no wonder that female stars are out and change to go the offensive line, Liu Yifei has long turned angel attack, Tang Yan and Liu poetry recently PW also with full gas attack, and quickly look to the (content source: love beautiful

Liu Shi

Shi, according to the latest airport, handsome striped shirt and jacket with holes in jeans, cool chic, boyfriend full force.

Liu Shi Airport modeling

Leather jacket with wide leg jeans, step by step, the wind not too gas field, the poem is really more domineering Lord.

Shi, denim jacket with

Denim jacket with light gray T-shirt and black pantyhose, sunglasses really enhance the aura of magic, simple handsome.

Liu Yifei Airport modeling

Liu Yifei has long been promoted as the 'angel of attack', also with Sifu handsome minimalist European style main stage with fairy image very different.

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Traditional Chinese: 仙女都想扮總攻 劉亦菲劉詩詩機場“鬥帥”