Running eight minutes a day to lose weight?

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Core Tip: Running to lose weight has always been very fond of the people affected, there may be a lot of people because too much time running and give today small will tell you, just spend eight minutes a day, you can successfully lose weight (Source: Health Times

Original title: Every eight minutes on the tubes! Fitness instructor teach you to run a good step

American Obesity << >> magazine has published Australian study found, run eight minutes a day is better than jogging one hour weight loss, the researchers analyzed that sprint exercise can make the body release more special hormone 'catecholamines', so that the body stored fat to give a greater degree of release, and consume these fats by muscle movement.

Fat is necessary to consume under aerobic conditions, diet generally do not recommend high-intensity exercise, one is unsafe, the second is the duration of less total exercise load actually reduce overall consumption is also less. So this study It remains to be seen. but from a health point of view, run good.

Run 8 minutes aerobic exercise is high-intensity, anaerobic metabolism can improve the body's endurance, increase leg muscle strength. To run fast, after kicking to the full, to a large stride, but also to maintain a high cadence while the amplitude of the pendulum arm before the larger, upper and lower extremities action should be coordinated. respiratory call holding three steps, three steps suck. Run before first adaptive period of practice, such as the high leg lift exercises, after the development of pedaling force do some jumping exercises, the legs, abdomen, back muscle strength enhancement.

Run is best carried out in a flat straight road to ensure traffic is good. Now the weather is cold, the muscles will be relatively stiff before the first run to make the body 'hot' up! For example, do stretching and warm up about 10 minutes after the pressure stretching can run, do some stretching exercises, speed up the removal of metabolites, to relieve fatigue.

But Run is not suitable for everyone, such as a bad knee, older, poor health, and the crowd determined to cerebrovascular disease is best to do a number of low-intensity aerobic exercise safer.

Equipment articles selected pair of running shoes with a small S running

Taiwan artist had a small S on the microblogging drying out in the gym while running their own sweat a photo, and called everyone to exercise so-called 'we must first of its profits.' Friends want to run run comfortable, healthy run, choose a pair of suitable shoes, is another important than this. However, how to choose a pair of running shoes for their own it?

To see whether the appearance pleasing to the eye, with or without wearing harm, although the shape of shoes may not affect its function, but if the shape is not popular, even if it is a pair of highly meet the needs of running shoes, you can also greatly reduce the willingness to wear out run .

Recovery folded easily bent immediately if undisturbed, on behalf of running shoes in the end highly resilient, if not rebound quickly, there may be a problem with running shoes or elastic material degradation. Friends can also be run from the rebound after bending speed Analyzing moderate rebound velocity of the material in general controllability strong, resilient material immediately upon wearing jogging can feel significant resilience.

Twist twist around, if you can easily reverse, on behalf of the midsole softer, but less shock resistance. On the other hand the need to reverse the hard, hard on behalf of the midsole, a more stable sense of arrival and a significant shock effect, but wear it will be less emphasis on flexibility. try again by actual experience as the basis for the final decision, it is recommended to carry a certain pair of shoes or wearing socks with the usual run, to try and put out the real size of the feeling.

Skills to good effect in the mirror run

Paozhaopaozhe fell down, finish step body aches ...... According to the US 'Run the World' website recently reported that, when running, some small details can lead to unnecessary injuries, especially elderly poor balance, but also to pay more attention before running, it might look in the mirror and thought running posture, promptly correct their wrong posture, make running a multiplier effect oh!

Some people used to use the heel while running the floor, another group of people who diet with forefoot landing, no one is better method to run both points, but at the foot of the impact vary. Heel landing, compared to the previous larger foot landing by the momentum currently more popular is the forefoot landing run method. when running stride swing amplitude is too large or too much, can also cause back pain, and during running if one arm swing amplitude is larger than the other, the spine may cause discomfort, so the mirror ran, to find their own pace. a lot of people while running left-right asymmetry, left or right side of the body especially hard landing, If the left or right foot while running the floor particularly fierce, it could lead to unnecessary physical pain some people while running knee bent inward, which is caused by weak hip muscles. proper posture should be, running the knees and hips a straight line, if the gluteus enough to support the weight of the body, that weight will act on the knee, causing them to bend inward. to solve this problem, we recommend exercise gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 每天跑步八分鐘 就能減肥?