Studying reading: acceptance rate is lower than the eight Ivy League schools

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Study abroad (microblogging) micro reported hearing, in general, the United States Dingdingyouming Ivy League schools in the admission rate has always been relatively low, and in some schools where the enrollment rate is reduced year by year, their acceptance rate is generally in the range of 5.2 % -13.96% .Business Insider lists of other US schools, these schools at no less critical of the admission on the ivy, and some even lower than Ivy acceptance rate. then you to enlighten me on this eight schools who have:

First, look at the data in each school will enroll 2020 graduate of Ivy League this session:

1. Harvard University (Harvard University - 5.2%

2. Columbia University (Columbia University - 6.04%

3. Yale University (Yale University - 6.27%

4. Princeton University (Princeton University - 6.46%

5. Brown University (Brown University - 9.01%

6. University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania - 9.41%

7. Dartmouth College (Dartmouth University - 10.52%

8. Cornell University (Cornell University - 13.96%

Let's look at the other eight schools data:

1, Stanford (Stanford University - 4.69%

2, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT - 7.8%

3, US Naval Academy (United States Naval Academy - 7.9%

4, University of Chicago (University of Chicago - 7.6%

5, California Institute of Technology (Caltech - 7.9%

6, US Military Academy (West Point - 9.5%

7, Claremont McKenna College (Claremont McKenna College - 10.8%

8, College of the Ozarks (Ozarks College - 13%

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Traditional Chinese: 留學必讀:比常春藤錄取率還低的八所名校