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Compared with classic dishes, a variety of free, convenient snack makes it easier to get close, so rich perceive local customs and life is meant to be in the food industry renowned Sichuan snacks 'Taste' oriented, not only pay attention to the raw material, should when the occasion, pay more attention to seasoning skills can be divided into spicy, spicy, salty, sweet and sour taste three categories of 24 kinds of type, variety, taste endless variations, whether in Chengdu, or southern Sichuan Kawakita, along with specialties available snack accompanied by a food labeled travel time, and intricate flavors, long aftertaste.

Chengdu snacks heaven

Chengdu snacks variety, and countless more stories, best known when the number of bell dumplings, Long Chao Shou Lai and dumplings.

Famous Chengdu snacks, Looking back, mostly from hawkers on the street put a small stalls, street hawkers are so many stalls where the name or surname, Lai such as lychee and bell dumplings Lane Zongfu Street dumpling.

Dumplings are a staple in the north, but it is in Sichuan snacks. Guangxu nineteen years (1893, in Chengdu, a small white bell lychee Lane opened a company called 'co SenMao' dumplings shop, because of the unique flavor that is well known for the 1920s Chengdu, in 1931 began to play the 'bell dumplings litchi Lane' signs.


Zhong dumplings smallish, a small bowl of 10, that is, the amount of twelve, but the production is very particular about the dumplings are hand-made leather, hard and soft, medium thickness, bite them tenacity, pure pig meat, no other meat, do not add vegetables, topped with two Vitex Chengdu famous red pepper add vegetable oil refining marked at the table, plus a special red salty soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic juice, salt, MSG fresh ...... fragrant spicy, sweet and salty, do not have a flavor. do not like spicy, then you can choose soup dumplings, delicate taste, delicious.

Lai glutinous rice balls and bell dumplings par, the creation time is also similar. Laiyuan Xin's first boss who is Ziyang, 1894 in Chengdu, their burdens street selling boiled dumplings, when many stalls selling rice balls Chengdu, in order to retain customers, and he dusk , selection of raw materials, elaborate, he dumpling cooking is not bad skin, not revealed the secret, not muddy soup, chopsticks when eating non-stick, non-stick bowl, stick teeth, gradually increased to more than a dozen varieties .20 1930 years, Lai Yuanxin total government opened a pavement blocks, named 'Lai dumpling', became one of the most prestigious Chengdu snacks.

Sichuan wonton is called Chao Shou, looking up, even earlier in its history dumplings. According to research, there is a Han Dynasty ravioli, dumplings began in the Sui, Sheng Yu Tang, while Longchaoshou creation than to Zhong dumplings and glutinous rice balls Lai recent half a century, its name does not come from the founder's surname. at the time, the founder of Zhangwu Guang with friends in a 'thick flower tea' to open deliberations Chao Shou store, taking its name when they borrow 'thick flower tea' and 'thick 'word, whichever is homophonic' dragon ', but also' hustle and bustle ',' business is booming, 'the implication 1941, located in Chengdu Panda field' Long Chao Shou 'opened in the 1950s moved to the new set of games, after 60 years moved Chunxi southern section. Longchaoshou attention thin, filling tender, delicious soup, Chao Shou skin to 'thin as paper, as fine as silk,' soup with chicken, duck, pork stew fierce, slow simmer, white, fragrant, add red oil and other spices, a little spicy, the taste is very delicious.

Not difficult to find, whenever well-known snacks, special attention must be the choice of materials quality, willing to invest time and effort. Enduring 'taste' of snacks is both unique local flavor, but also long years of deep flavor indemnity.

Sichuan in rice, flour Road

Sichuan in rice, flour Road

February 2016, 'China Tourism Gold snacks' Sichuan trials division elected 20 'gold medal in Sichuan tourism snacks', which is half the noodles, rice categories: Yibin burning surface, the surface Ya'an tart tart, yuechi rice flour, rice flour, Mianyang Nanchong Kawakita jelly, peas Neijiang flavor jelly ......

Yibin burning surface

Yibin morning people used to eat noodles, there is only the smell of urine suit beef broth, Sam Sun, ribs and other ten or twenty varieties, but the most famous is still burning surface.

Yibin burning surface when history goes back to the Qing dynasty, due to heavy dry noodles, provoking an ignition that is burning, hence the name. Noodles burning surface of the stud round stiffened, cooked tendons force. Boiled noodles to master the heat, the pot of boiling water until noodles broken health that is picked up, drain water, poured into a plate containing fresh oil and pea tip of the bowl, and pour oil, soy sauce, sprinkle with chives, yellow tips vegetables, sesame noodles, peanuts and chopped walnuts, point sesame oil, monosodium glutamate and other flavor.

Burning surface of the materials, it is essential that bean sprouts, 'No bean sprouts, no burning surface.' Yibin sprouts named one of the 'Sichuan four dishes', crisp texture, taste sweet, mostly .? used to flavor Jiaqing Syrian state capital property << >> records: 'leek onion garlic cabbage turnip greens and offices County Jie', where 'vegetables' is doing sprouts raw materials, was already widely grown.

Yibin burning surface loose bright red, white spicy, tangy flavor, delicious taste. In fact, the most important feature of 'hot' is not burning surface, put less chili or even hold, it does not affect its flavor.

In addition to burning surface, there Yibin Li Zhuang white meat, duck children cake, cake Bo river tide, South Stream tofu, bean sprouts, bad eggs Yibin, Yibin spearmint vegetarian bacon and other specialties.

Mianyang rice

Mianyang rice

Mianyang is located in the northwest of Sichuan Basin, is the hometown of the great poet Li Bai. Rice is a popular food, cheap and delicious. Mianyang rice has 1800 years of history. According to legend, the Three Kingdoms, Shu Zhu Liu Zhang and Liu Bei in Sichuan just meet in Fucheng (Mianyang today Dongshan, Liu Bei proposed to sample the local cuisine, the mountain people called Liu Zhang prepared dish, rice grinding, made of silk, combined with chicken, fish and other condiments, water boiled, Tangxian delicious, this is the Mianyang rice later imitation folk have, now, the streets of Mianyang rice noodles perennial fragrance. TANG authentic Mianyang rice and broth into two categories, hot and sour beef and rice noodles red soup broth tastes represented broth with rice noodles and chicken sauce three fresh flavors represented.

Mianyang types of snacks, tasty, cheap, pastries including Zitong Zitong piece powder, spring rolls, cold sticky, Zitong inlay bowl, bean flowers, seats jelly, jars of soup, two yellow Cloth, Tanks Chicken, Guokui and other local Sichuan also very authentic.

Kawakita jelly

Kawakita jelly is one of the most representative of Sichuan snacks, originated in Nanchong City. According to legend, Shu Han period, An Han County (now the city of Nanchong in Jialing River ferry pier on the open shed jelly, Brazil reportedly County (now Langzhong Zhang Prefecture An Han patrol when fly like a plus also to jelly, jelly and even become Liu Bei imperial tribute. This calculation, jelly Kawakita heritage has been nearly 2000 years of history.

Kawakita jelly

Kawakita jelly approach is the quality shelled peas, soaked ground into a fine paste with water, filtered to the residue, the precipitate dehydration, made soybean meal, heated and stirred into a paste and set aside. When eating the sliced jelly, or slender chopsticks thickness of filaments, add salt, MSG, water, garlic, pepper noodles, then topped with red chili oil, sprinkle with a little chopped green onion, delicate taste, soft, smooth, spicy taste, delicious. in addition, Useful mung bean jelly made of green, etc., either alone or consumption, but also loaded Guokui or 'pizza' (such as a fine white noodle pattern thickness of cake.

Nanchong specialties as well as Camp Hill duck, Zhang Fei beef broth south of the river Shu tofu, sugar steamed bun, Pengan square daguokui, West charge lion cake, Cecil eel noodles.

Beauty and cuisine accompanied all the way

In looking at the blue jade lake in Jiuzhaigou, lush forests, highland barley wine drinking sweet, smooth and delicious eating potato cake, or watch over Buddha wonders Cyatheaceae ditch 'activation Danwang Guo' back 'in the forest cities, cities in the landscape, 'Leshan to a bowl of spicy hot, air ground beef tofu brain, is not a different kind of enjoy it?

Beauty and cuisine accompanied all the way

Locals make potato cake are selected from high altitudes, generally prefer to eat cake when milk tea, yak meat dishes there, strong local characteristics. Now in Jiuzhaigou hotel also can eat this delicious Tibetan road.

Leshan curd beef

Leshan in Sichuan famous ecological and cultural destination, one of the world's natural and cultural heritage of Chinese cities, local snacks also prestigious, many Sichuan snacks are originated, Bobo chicken, white chicken slaughter, yellow chicken stew, sweet skin duck, Laifeng fish, diving rabbit, Suji Rocker foot beef, pork noodles, Xiba tofu, glass dumplings, steamed beef burgers, bacon dumplings, sesame oil Suji Mihua Tang, have a reputation.

Beef is one of the curd Leshan Cuisines, the production, the main materials to prepare dry hot pepper, ginger, onions, kohlrabi, parsley and other spices, soy flour into the water pot, gently with a shovel even a thin layer of soft tofu Add and cook until hot, pour into small bowl, put the cooked noodles scalded with boiling water, then pour the beef smell of urine, can be sprinkled with peanuts taste salty, spicy. the same way, you can make chicken tofu brain. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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