56.4% Students feel a lot of thesis topics fuzzy concept

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Students' thesis is an important summary of the learning phase, select an appropriate topic for the thesis is essential to complete successfully. Premier Li Keqiang at Peking University (microblogging) study says April 15, many students now choose to do papers Title came to big, but it is difficult to innovation, the students asked, 'Where the event will be in fine.'

Recently, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center through the network questionnaire, a survey of 2,000 college students showed that 56.4% of respondents feel that many college students Thesis topics fuzzy concept, the purpose is not clear. Respondents believe It should be based on practical significance (57.3%, innovations (45.6%, academic significance (42.8% determined thesis topics.

56.4% of respondents said they were very vague concept thesis topics

Survey shows that 65.7% of respondents felt Students careful in determining the thesis topics, 17.7% of respondents do not feel serious, 16.6% of respondents said they can not say.

Renmin University of China (microblogging) School of Journalism Communication professional Kenji students XU Rui meter before and after think several thesis topics. 'Usually is more focus on the accumulation, such as chatting with others, you will find some interesting questions. In addition, I also very concerned about the social hot spots, analysis of propagation of these hot news, to prepare for their own research. '

What problems exist current thesis topics college students? Survey shows that 56.4% of respondents think a lot of thesis topics fuzzy concept, the purpose is unclear, 54.0% of respondents believe that on paper, the lack of practical experience, 49.6% of respondents believe that the existence of similar topics, not new issues, 40.5% of respondents believe that the topic would be too large to operate, 32.5% of respondents believe thesis topics Students of blindly chasing the hot spot, the lack of research value , 32.0% of respondents believe that the topic is too small, is not conducive to discussions.

China Youth Political College English Majors seniors Zhang first positive thesis, Selection of Shakespeare's Macbeth >> << article, I want to talk about the macro Macbeth destruction problem, but this problem set too high, the lack of a small cut point, there is no way to operate, and this topic a lot of people have done, there is nothing new.

Zhang first positive feel to determine when the topic is too hasty. 'University newspaper topics that stage, just our busiest time. We have many other things to do, such as PubMed (microblogging), to find a job abroad. And Daily topics compared to most of the students will give priority to other things. we put much time on the topic, a direct result of the subsequent paper quality is not high. '

Zhang also pointed out that the first positive, write papers when it found academic accumulation is not enough. 'For example, our system 1/3 candidates on literary topics, but we actually only opened two semesters world literature class.'

XU Rui instrument that is difficult to find a good topic, identifying emerging issues is not easy, even I found a new problem that does not know how to operate.

Survey shows that 66.0 percent of respondents feel that their thesis research innovative significance, where 13.1% of respondents think it is very meaningful .25.2% of respondents believe that less meaningful, 3.8% of respondents that there is no meaning.

73.2% of respondents recommended that students should have mastered a thorough analysis of data

What should be determined according to thesis topics? Survey, the top three is the practical significance (57.3%, innovations (45.6% and academic significance (42.8%. In addition, 35.7% of respondents considered the Major related very important, 29.2% of respondents value the individual is good, 27.9% of respondents believe should be based on personal preference, 24.9% of respondents believe that the right size is very important topic, 21.8% of respondents value methods can grasp, 20.1% of respondents value the ease of operation, 16.8% of respondents believe that attention should be paid tutor preferences.

Zhang first positive feel to determine the most important topics of academic and should be innovative. 'Undergraduate thesis is almost academic undergraduate first contact on the true meaning of things. So whether it's academic significance is large or small, for each researchers, writing his thesis should be serious and rigorous, should be made out of things that contribute. '

XU Rui Instrument think the most important thing is curiosity, the desire to question the degree. 'If you look at a large number of master's thesis, you can even see from the papers on the degree of love for those authors topic. A 'good topic' certain It is to let the author is willing to spend time to find a variety of resources, problems continue mining. '

'To choose the best instructors in the area of research problem, because teachers will be familiar with this area, we can give you better guidance, but also more communication and consultation with the tutor, try to choose their own topics of interest relative to otherwise own I can not control not interested in writing it will be very painful. 'XU Rui instrument proposal.

Survey, 73.2% of respondents believe that before determining topics, want to have mastered a thorough data analysis, 62.9% of respondents suggested that more exchanges with instructors, students, 58.0% of respondents think it should do Document finishing work, familiar with previous studies, 50.1% of respondents proposed to improve their theoretical level, 44.9% of respondents recommend pay attention to the accumulation of experience.

XU Rui, believes many schools, instructors did not how to take the time to teach students scientific research, student papers understanding is already some research patchwork, frequently appear grand theory or abstract concept, is very easy to write big and empty title. 'they did not envision himself with such questions do not meet the academic research is the norm, there is no such study found that there are many loopholes in logic, so academic training is very important.'

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