Hole total principal American International College: Chinese background with the world's elite

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Ling Tao, seventy-sixth generation descendant of Confucius, chairman of the American International Education Group hole, hole total principal American International College, President of the World Confucius Foundation. The first Chinese people to buy British private schools, the British royal family had been invited into Buckingham Palace Prince Philip met with acceptance, the implementation of Chinese and Western philosophy of education, principals China international new American original hole six arts, is the first in the US college Board annual meeting speech.

Ling Tao

Confucius Six Arts and International Education

What is the best international education? Pure British or American education system, 100% of the foreign teachers, students are promoted to the world's top100 universities? Domestic and international schools in Europe and increasingly today, Tao Ling was in against the wind, in the school the importance of traditional Chinese culture, Confucius Six Arts, the British education IGCSE, a-Level, American education AP, SAT three combined to form a 'new six arts' a unique educational philosophy.

'The new Six Arts' School is a bilingual teaching, learning Chinese culture, calligraphy, traditional Chinese martial arts and other content, 70% of the contact part of the Chinese culture in the East, 30% of English science, literature class. With increased grades, the proportion of English gradually increases, junior high school function would be entirely in English. and high school only Sancheng and Chinese culture related to the three percent do not back 'archaisms', but Confucius Six Arts 'rites, music, archery, riding, books, the number of' in English to explain by alien acceptable way to interpret even future students went mainstream Western culture, can also introduce China to the world. this is not just China introduced the 'Kung Fu' and 'Chinese food', before the hole-American sessions graduates in the United Kingdom to assist the country hosted the cultural program 'London Chinese film Festival' will have Chinese characteristics niche film introduced to the world.

English-speaking Chinese culture: Chinese and Western world can be amazing

International Education advocates to explore personality, Confucius advocated individualized, and the holes in American education, students give absolute autonomy. Schools use English in small tutorial system, students can according to their own preferences, future planning elective freedom, each child's curriculum are not the same students as electives like pyramid, young stage base is very wide, but beyond high school, students' academic and future plans to gradually clear. Princeton admissions director believes, bore the Ivy League American culture really needed to Chinese students because they have Chinese faces, fluent in English, something about China 2,000 years ago, there is the spirit of the East and the West refined temperament freedom.

Hole American International College adhere to the 'learned self-reliance, Tang Yao Wuzhou' principle students, but Chinese students how to use their own Chinese background as the world's elite international education topic.

May 14, hole-American International School public international long-Ling Tao School Choice tour Sina Education (microblogging) Beijing station began to speak, to discuss the achievements of the six arts << new world elite proud and distinguished heritage >> people in the international and Chinese education parents torn between cultures can live to hear what is Mr. Kong Tao mouth 'East meets West.'

With the rapid development of international schools, on the one hand the guidance of students have more choices, on the other hand also makes complex information into a parents school choice dilemma. For this reason, 'Sina 2016 International School Choice Tour', the Beijing Railway Station will held May 14 at the Beijing international Hotel convention Center in Beijing and Shanghai nearly hundred international schools will be exhibiting For more information, see: Sina 2016 international school of Choice tour hot open a free consultation call 15801068644.

In addition, Sina Education International Schools released the industry's first APP, school search, comparison, registration ... get a key, click the << Secret parents have to download the 'International School app' for three reasons >> Download International School Parent (micro Bo) Pocket Choice artifact.

Rapid enrollment Choice tour entrance:

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Traditional Chinese: 孔裔國際公學總校長:用華人背景成為世界精英