"The Raven come" to open test has been named the most anticipated MMORPG IGN

Updated: May 16, 2016  Views: 354

<< >> Developers ArtCraft crow come Bowen published on the game's official website, published in the May 13 game re-open test.

<< >> Crows come under development in Europe and America is a MMORPG, IGN has received praise and attention, it was named one of the most anticipated MMO 2016's. So this game is being developed by virtue of what to get the media authority like?

The game play is different from the market existing MMORPG, players can choose to include Knight, Ranger and other professional to play a major war in the whole world is to develop over time, and orderly change, Kingdom room with battle, the player's actions will promote the development of both. at the same time, the role of the game is also quite innovative skills, players can select two skills make the role of training, even after the off-line role players still in training arranged in advance skill.

Of course, the developers said the game is not yet fully developed, there is a lot of content is not achieved, it is open to small-scale test, etc. After more developed, then the preparations on the line.

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Traditional Chinese: 《烏鴉降臨》再開測試 曾被IGN評為最期待MMORPG