"Salvation Tree" Traditional Chinese version launched in June issuance plans this year listed

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Sina Games News May 16 message, the salvation of the tree << >> upcoming June issue of Traditional Chinese expansion plan, recently disclosed the first 'trees grow diary' prior activities. << Tree >> Traditional salvation in the next edition by OMG in Taiwan will launch its X2GAME, when is not yet publicly traded away.

<< >> Traditional salvation tree in Version 2016 Release

<< >> Salvation Tree is a new online game Ragnarok << >> and << >> Sword of Excellence leading producer Jinxue Gui developed. Combine style fairy tales and picture books << >> salvation tree, from the story by Rai Fama grace to obtain the peace and prosperity of the national center of the capital began. because the people away from the goddess suddenly broke God mutation become a huge tree strange tree and four runaway, destruction of cities, forests and earth, but only suffered more Overture great destruction before, even after all these years people still can not erase the 'tree of Apollo' brings fear.

Under the goddess of grace, rich people enjoy life

A particular day, the group met in a dream the goddess of people have gathered in Kelapeida city, this is a harbinger of the Second Coming goddess? Or the beginning of a greater disaster strikes before? No one can give a positive reply, everyone in as the Savior's waiting for you, look for the goddess in the adventure journey to make the world to restore past affluence and abundance!

Mutated and Diablo tree, the world are waiting for the return of the goddess

Recently, the South Korean game developer IMC and X2GAME open 'trees grow diary' prior activities that will lead the player gradually feel the ancient myth of the goddess La Yima official said activity from midnight at the beginning of the 14th player to daily activities page with a message to give blessings nutrient trees, trees will be irrigated with blessings and grow strong message, click on the tree points of light can also view all the blessings of record players, participate in activities as long as you can get the game virtual treasure, Mall points as well as a limited amount of physical merchandise.

<< >> Salvation Tree 'trees grow diary' prior activities

This as in addition to the four major professional basis, more waiting for players to excavate hidden role, the game offers a high degree of freedom in the cultivation of play, allowing the player freedom to develop the character style and characteristics of their own. The official also disclosed today, especially in vocational Traditional Chinese Version translation.

<< >> Salvation tree professional game show

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Traditional Chinese: 《救世之樹》繁中版6月啟動發行計劃 年內上市