Chen Jun led a delegation to Japan and South Korea launched a series of promotion activities

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Recently, the district deputy secretary, mayor Chen Jun led a delegation to Japan, South Korea launched a series of promotion activities, has visited the Chinese Embassy in Japan Economic and Commercial Office, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries ship Ocean, Fujitsu Semiconductor Co., Ltd., British Swiss Corporation, DISCO, Hitachi estate, France bed Co., Ltd. and other institutions, enterprises, by conducting high-density call, study, exchange, cooperation to capture a number of new information, broaden the Chongchuan with Japan and South Korea trade and economic cooperation the breadth and depth.

Promote the establishment of mechanisms for cooperation with the relevant agencies in Japan, the full expansion of investment channels, is an important part of this went to Japan to study the economic and trade exchanges. Chen Jun visited the Chinese Embassy in Japan visited the Economic and Commercial Office, Japan and China General Chamber of Commerce and other institutions. Chinese Embassy in Japan, economic and commercial counselor Jing Chun-hai in the exchange, said in Nantong in the eastern coastal economically developed cities, Chongchuan and is the center of the city of Nantong, location advantages, to use the well-known Japanese companies to invest in Nantong, further expand influence to attract Japanese companies to Nantong Chongchuan investment. Japan and China General Chamber of Commerce introduced the Secretary Pu Wenjie, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Japan's largest Chinese economic organizations, play an important role as a link in the Chinese local government to communicate with the Japanese companies. Chen Jun hopes to help Japan and China General Chamber of Commerce, the various forms of exchange activities organized by the organization to inspect Japanese entrepreneurs to go to Nantong, Nantong to further Recommend, Recommend Chongchuan.

In between dates, Chen Jun and his party visited some Japanese companies have invested in Chongchuan, actively seeking new cooperation. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, company project headquarters long mountain principal and interest and described in detail the development of enterprises, he said Nantong COSCO Kawasaki Kawasaki Heavy Industries is one of the most successful investment in overseas business, thank Nantong Chongchuan levels of government has been the strong support for Kawasaki's development to create a good environment. Chen Jun said that, thanks to Kawasaki Nantong Chongchuan trust, we will, as always, good service for enterprise development. through this visit, Kawasaki Heavy Industries have a more comprehensive understanding, in addition to shipbuilding, the business aspects of vehicle manufacturing, aerospace technology, machinery manufacturing, energy and the environment in has advanced production technology in Japan's market share is very high. Kawasaki can hope in more fields with Nantong Chongchuan cooperation.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Corporation, Watanabe Jie director who led the delegation visited the enterprise development showrooms and exchanges thanked Nantong Chongchuan two levels of government for the Fujitsu investment in Chinese enterprises concern and support, Nantong Fujitsu has become Japan's Fujitsu investment in China, the overall efficiency of the best companies. Chen Jun said that Fujitsu semiconductor electronic information industry Co., Ltd. is Japan's leading companies, and Nantong cooperation has yielded good results. Nantong Fujitsu has become the largest and highest technical level most diversified IC packaging and testing companies, recently successfully acquired the well-known international companies in China AMD's manufacturing plant. the two sides hope to further strengthen cooperation, city, district government will also provide technology, talent and other diversified business development support, while also hoping Fujitsu Ltd. through successful investments in the case, to attract more Japanese electronic information enterprises to Chongchuan development.

Swiss Corporation in the UK, thanks Wuwen Gui Chen Jun, president of hospitality, he said, Britain Switzerland is one of the earliest Japanese companies to enter Nantong, Nantong Wu, president of the government, enterprises enjoy high prestige especially Wu recommended president and witnessed the Formosa Plastics Group and Chongchuan, for which we are deeply grateful for Jiang Su Yingrui seeking transition to the pension industry options, Chongchuan area is also full support, we want companies to be able to actively introduce Japan advanced concepts and mature pension pension business, to enhance the level of services Chongchuan pension contribution.

Resource development around the project, Chen Jun and his entourage visited the DISCO Corporation, Hitachi, real estate, France Bed Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and corporate executives conducted extensive communication. Chen Jun said that the current Nantong is in a transition period of strategic opportunities and innovation golden period of development, multi-country strategy through the stack. ChongChuanOu as the main city of Nantong, location advantages, a huge industrial base solid growth potential, especially in the development of electronic information, precision machinery, modern medical industry and Japanese companies have broad space for cooperation, welcome more Japanese entrepreneurs to Chongchuan visit and invest. we will provide high quality services to Japanese companies, to promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges bear more fruit. some entrepreneurs said it would come as soon as possible Chongchuan inspection, speed up investment cooperation between the two sides.

In the period from, economic and trade delegation held a small business district association in Fukuoka, Japan Representative SMEs in Jiangsu Province, Japan F2 Co., Ltd., Asahi International Co., Ltd., Guangdong International Trust Co., Ltd., Fukuoka Xi Yue Chinese school, Nantong City, animal husbandry Wells Microelectronics Technology development Co., the responsible person to participate in activities. trade delegation also participated in the 2016 District Nantong China (Tokyo focused on business investment cooperation Forum, and field trips welfare pension institutions Songkuai park.

Changwon City is located in the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, it is home to a famous multinational LG Electronics Digital Appliance business headquarters, and Nantong City is the sister cities. Trade delegation during the mission area in Changwon City, Changwon City Hall and conducted in-depth exchanges Changwon municipal administrative director of the weight-ho at the reception, said Nantong close contacts with Changwon, Nantong Chongchuan as political, economic and cultural center, and Changwon broad space for cooperation, the two sides can build in the park, cultural tourism, education training in areas such as pre-exploration. Chen Jun Changwon City Hall thanks for the warm reception, detailed the advantages of Chongchuan industry, location, personnel, and other aspects of the policy, he said it would strengthen ties and deepen exchanges and cooperation to achieve win-win development. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 陳俊率團赴日韓開展系列招商活動