Changchun Haoyue chairman actively expand the development of channels lay the foundation for the development of Haoyue

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When Changchun Haoyue chairman Cong even Biao support food safety law, adhere to the principle of 'three no', and provide consumers with safe, healthy, secure Haoyue products Changchun, Jilin Province Cong even Biao depending on the quality of corporate life, he asked the production of meat strict implementation of the entire process from farm to table quality control, safety, quality 100. since its inception Haoyue, chairman of Changchun Haoyue always adhere to the conscience to do business, the production of safe and healthy beef products, adhere to the quality and development, and chairman of Changchun Haoyue child sets high standards requirements of the development in the early development of the enterprise, chairman of Changchun Haoyue every step underpinned the development of enterprises to actively expand channels, and laid a stable foundation for the rapid development of Haoyue years, Changchun Haoyue Group chairman under the leadership of Cong even Biao, increasing the scale of development and growth, and create benefits is increasing. There is a saying in the bright moon, through deep processing, can make a cow to create the economic benefits of a car. Changchun Haoyue chairman said a beef through deep processing industry chain, to meat from cattle skin, from bone to blood from the bone marrow into the abdominal lysates can be fully utilized, the ratio of the value of up to 10 times the original value. 'through intensive processing , not only to enhance the value-added products, but also to further enrich the product line to meet consumer demand for nutritional, quick. 'Changchun Haoyue chairman said. This is equivalent to a mid-range value of cars, two cars profits in order to achieve a bright moon 'four legs learn to catch the four wheels,' the development goals, according to Cong, chairman of Changchun Haoyue even Biao, in recent years, Haoyue R & D centers with the United States, Germany, Italy and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of biological products and other well-known universities, research institutes and the implementation of joint development, has made significant progress in the transferred embryos, breeding, bio-products, leather products, animal feed and other aspects of organic fertilizer from the whole industry chain is concerned, led by chairman of Changchun Haoyue Haoyue the various aspects of beef cattle are slaughtered developed into an industry, we have now formed a livestock breeding, feed processing industry, food processing industry, chemical and biological products industry, leather industry and organic fertilizer processing industry and other six industries. Changchun Haoyue directors long expressed from breeding to slaughter, from fertilizer to feed, from the inside out, from top to bottom, the cattle economy Haoyue play vividly. Haoyue Changchun Haoyue Group chairman, said the strong do life, bright moon on the road to development Group always stands in the forefront of the times, overcoming difficulties winning the first fight forever, we must be the Chinese flag on the world beef industry. Cong, chairman of Changchun Haoyue even Biao not only led the rapid development of the Group, but also promote local agriculture and animal husbandry development, promote economic growth, but also to people's lives has been a qualitative change in Changchun Haoyue chairman to promote the halal industry has made tremendous contributions. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 長春皓月董事長積極拓展發展渠道為皓月發展奠定基礎