Jiaozhou upcoming inaugural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition!

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To promote the universal passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, the formation of innovative social atmosphere, technology and industrial Jiaozhou Information Bureau and Social Council hosted the inaugural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Jiaozhou upcoming!

First, the purpose of the contest

Accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, adapt and lead the new normal economic development, to create a new engine of economic development, the city's science and technology culture soil, integration of big data innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, small and micro enterprises to build a high-tech and high-tech talent platform and big data analysis tools and services to guide broader social resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting popular entrepreneurship and innovation.

(A level of innovation and entrepreneurship promotion.

By promoting scientific and technological innovation and transformation, cultivate high-level, high-level, high-quality entrepreneurs and high-growth emerging industries of strategic business team with core ability to innovate, improve the level of innovation and entrepreneurship in the New.

(B create innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere.

National stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, to attract outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Qingdao set off climax.

(Iii foster scientific and technological soil Jiaozhou area.

Qingdao collect up nationwide in creative, research and development staff and team, by developing and floor entries, build a bridge of cooperation with leading research institutions, discover and foster technological innovation and entrepreneurship Qingdao soil.

(Iv collate and collect Creative Big Data.

Entries and creative R & D team of data collection, and Making the innovation and entrepreneurship and team data model, output data on innovation, lay a good foundation for the creative assessment data analysis system.

Second, the theme of the contest

Volkswagen entrepreneurship and innovation (combined city's industrial base and practical, with intelligent hardware, the Internet-based project, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy, environmental protection, electrical equipment, metal structures, supplemented

Third, organizations

(A participating units.


Jiaozhou Science and Industry Information Bureau

Jiaozhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Directed by

Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau


Qingdao Yu Chong Where Technology Incubator

Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao rice


Qingdao Wantong New Century Public Service Co., Ltd.

Special Support


(Ii Competition Organizing Committee.

Jiaozhou is the first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee executive institution, by the guidance unit contest, organizer, co-organizer together, consists of the organizing committee office, office located in Qingdao Yu Chong Where Technology Incubator.

(C Steering Committee.

Famous people from the venture capital industry, well-known entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, financial institutions and well-known industry experts.

Scientific research and technology experts 3

Business mentor 2

Investor 2

Fourth, related activities

Organizing Committee organized a series of activities, including industry Salon, Matchmaking, participating enterprises development, entrepreneurship training, mentoring share reform, innovation and entrepreneurship carnival and other activities encourage new business service institutions to fully play their role and actively participate in activities related to competition, and providing mentors, training, financing and other services depth.

Fifth, incentives

1 Awards:

Award a bonus 100,000 yuan while gaining entrepreneurial package, worth 100,000 (1--3 years venue costs and operating support

Second prize two, bonus 40,000 yuan, while access to venture packs, valued at 50,000 (1--3 years venue costs and operating support

Third prize 3, bonus 20,000 yuan, while access to venture package, worth 30,000 (1--3 years venue costs and operating support

Winner 4, 5 one thousand yuan bonus, while access to venture packs, worth 10,000 (1 year venue costs and operating support

2, support award

To enter the semi-finals of the project, the following aspects of the project team to support:

(1 priority would be to contest investment funds and venture capital institutions to support,

(2 Receive free entrepreneurship training in entrepreneurship policies, venture capital financing, business models and other aspects,

(3 selected Yu Chong who settled in the incubator, giving rent relief and other preferential policies to support,

(4 priority to assisting the qualifying venture to handle small loans maximum amount of 45 million, according to the specific provisions of small secured loans Jiaozhou << Implementation Measures >> (gum human society (2014) 99 execution.

(5 for qualifying venture projects, which give priority to assisting entrepreneurs to apply for a one-time subsidy (the amount of 10,000 yuan, one-time subsidies to small and micro business entrepreneurs (the amount of 20,000 yuan, the development of entrepreneurial job subsidy (the amount of 2,000 yuan / person, the employer to absorb employment difficulties social insurance subsidies and post subsidies (based on the amount of social security base approved in 2015, subsidies to enterprises is about 900 yuan / person / month and other preferential policies.

Jiaozhou first Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition is about to start, all enterprises and institutions to discuss cooperation welcome!

Address: 287 Jiaozhou North Beltway Yu Chong Fan Building 2F

Tel: 0532-87160329 1865328630

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