See Wallet: "pocketbook" shrink, how to fight the era of negative interest rates?

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Recently, << >> Chinese household wealth report released on the network set off a firestorm.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2015 the fourth quarter CPI (consumer price index, to reflect inflation) remained at 1.5% in January 2016 the CPI rose 1.8% in February to reach 2.3% in March and April CPI was flat with February Assuming annual CPI in 2016 was maintained at 2.3% annual inflation rate in 2016 is 2.3% basic. we calculate the deposit 100,000 yuan, a year after the commercial bank deposits, a total of 102,000 of principal and interest yuan 2.3% inflation rate for its discount, which is equal to the present value of 99706.74 yuan, that is, one year after our money, not only did not increase, but less, and a net loss of 293.26 yuan. If you would money in five state-owned Bank, the net loss of 537.63 yuan a year later. these data suggest that the era of negative interest rates in the offing.

Traditional financial products annual yield stood out across the board cut P2P Money

While the sharp widening gap between rich and poor, while the constant devaluation of the currency. For low-income groups, the money to make a fortune as the only option to change the quality of life and social strata. For high-income groups, how to asset preservation and appreciation also into the most worried about things coupled with a high risk of sluggish investment in the real economy, equity, real estate, futures and other high threshold investment, stocks, precious metals, crude oil, etc., people will look to invest., they have to invest in the P2P net loan.

According to net loan home data show that in 2016 January-April cumulative turnover reached 522.897 billion yuan cumulative volume of 3.01 times over the same period last year.

In this regard, a look wallet, head of operations said that the choice of reliable financial P2P platform, fully as much as the traditional finance its profitability is relatively high, it is possible to fight inflation; Liquidity relatively flexible funding flexibility turnover; Some high-quality P2P platform security and commercial banks is no less impressive in comparison. Investors will be treated as P2P ideal investment products, investment products is the trend under scarce.

However, a look wallet, head of risk control also reminded investors, the choice of P2P platforms do not blindly pursue high-yield, because the current P2P industry is still mixed, before investing we must do a good job screening. The easiest way is to before investing in an integrated platform to examine the qualifications and background, etc. in order to control the wind, for example, on-line internet bank depository is to avoid an effective mode P2P industry funds pool management system.

In short, it is contemplated that the future for a long period of time the country will be in the era of negative interest rates, as the working-class itself is not easy to make money. As a professional look wallet main collateral vehicles and P2P internet TV products, and all borrowers project information is true and transparent. there are bank funds depository system funding escort, have a look at the nest ring network media Ltd. shareholders to do the background, loud and look at the nest (formerly Thunder look at strategic, multi-angle, multi-level, multi-dimensional protection of investors' money safe, is hoping to give investors the perfect time to protect and promote the industry healthy return, so that P2P money can become the prime of their investment after the election. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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