Aksu region convene public service conference PPP model projects information

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May 10 afternoon, as the third Aksu Products Fair to a theme activities, the implementation of regional public services and government social capital partnership (PPP mode project information conference was held in Aksu International Expo Center.

At the meeting, Akzo Textile Industrial City (China Shipbuilding Industry Development Zone and Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the Aksu Textile Industrial City (Zone 5 Articles sewage daily processing PPP project cooperation agreement, Wushi County Housing Authority and Urumqi Shi Jiangong (Group Co., Ltd. signed a Wushi County Yan Sutlej (Yawage canal pollution PPP project cooperation agreement with Xinjiang hung up investment Co., Ltd. signed a Wushi County town infrastructure improvements PPP project cooperation agreement and local PPP Delivery Center regional PPP work carried out and issued a regional PPP project information, Guoxin Tendering Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Xinjiang Branch Tao Li, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Xinjiang environmental Engineering Division Wujiang respectively I made the exchange floor.

As of April 2016, the whole region were selected storage comb reported 129 projects with a total investment of 31.48 billion yuan, has been reviewed by the autonomous region PPP Center, Ministry of Finance included in the autonomous region and cooperation between the Government and social capital information platform project covers eight counties and one city urban infrastructure, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, shantytowns, garbage disposal, urban heating, gasification of villages and towns, public parking, healthcare, education, pension and other social fields. this year is expected to implement 25 projects with a total investment 9.3 billion yuan, the ongoing demonstration consultancy preliminary value for money and financial affordability, preparation of the implementation of programs, projects focused on people's livelihood, including heating, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, parking lot construction, garbage processing.

Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Region Yangdong Lu attended the conference and delivered a speech noted that the region will promote PPP models to promote effective cooperation and social capital, improve public goods on cooperation and social capital, focusing on public infrastructure and public services related to people's livelihood, from many aspects of the system, institutions, projects, personnel development, etc. to promote the PPP mode and local financial Bureau, regional office Director Liang Fengyuan PPP Delivery Center hosted the conference and said that the regional center will be the implementation of PPP in accordance with the requirements of the region and the Deputy Commissioner Yang Donglu, seriously do good areas PPP model to promote work, are also welcome to more social capital, especially the local social capital actively involved in the cause of economic and social development up efforts for regional social stability and long-term stability and make greater contributions!

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Traditional Chinese: .阿克蘇地區召開公共服務領域PPP模式項目信息發布會