Waves deduction tell you how far we are from the outsole.

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Quotes anxious in recent days, continuous sideways letting everyone lost direction, but in the twilight of my puzzle is a wave-by-block is placed in an appropriate location, where I have to be on the market next most optimistic reasonably predict trends, detail exploded before the big waves and we have already said, not repeat them here. for from April 13 to expand the C wave, C wave in my judgment this is a wedge, currently go C4, falling wedge is a form of failure wave fall from GEM refers to observe the most obvious, C1 C4 low of 2083 points and 2107 points the current high point of overlap, overlapping waves 1,4 it is a good sign, indicating that the decline in energy are failure. another judge wedge element, five sub-waves of each sub-waves are 3 wave structure, unlike the three-wave structure in addition to C1 from C2, C3 to the current C4, three-wave structure show more and more obvious, if I the inference is true, then we are a large distance from the bottom really close, and wait patiently C5 Tandi, laid out in a special point. so special point is how much the bottom, where I write directly answer, the Shanghai index 2740 points, the GEM index 1917 points, two points is a long band callback 0.618 position, the end of the exponential regression longwave golden bit, perfectly remember these two points, this year you can rely on fortune it.

Here is the explanation of the drawings:

The Shanghai Composite Index weekly chart:

Waves deduction tell you how far we are from the outsole.

GEM weekly chart:

Waves deduction tell you how far we are from the outsole.

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Areva circle: http://t.10jqka.com.cn/circle/16827/

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