Three Dan Xiaosheng: 5.20 weeks ending lines, crude empty one quilt how to do? Asphalt and operation of the proposed European plate loosened

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I believe the reason we know everything, but just the status quo, that the small loss to earn back, burned others are considered deceive, continue to select the last choice to lose, I'm really sorry, too much business on the market member of the band always say you can make money, that's nicely than to sing, and I hate your own, do not choose, I'm an analyst, not emotion experts, you Tiantian Han on the list along with others also continued to operate, and so on? etc. the result is only one, and that is to continue to lose until there is no value of its own, or let you add gold to continue to lose, but a lot of people really eat this set, draw a pie, so that we should buy a large spoon, I do not want to I think not want to eat meat in front to grab the distance.

International news ---- ---- plane

Nigeria militants threaten oil fields by night and suffered temporarily closed due to various reasons, workers are forced to be evacuated, crude oil was looted. On Friday plus pipeline damage caused by field decline, but has resumed earlier this week, when the global the main purposes of capital markets and fixed exchange rate countries to control capital flows, collapse in exports will lead to a reduction in foreign exchange reserves and current account deficits leading to a sharp correction last night, crude bitumen, short powerless!

Inter last night from the technical side, bearishness is undoubtedly the best deal yesterday after the US site opened, and the prices in a number of break dropping the lowest point to no avail, by the impact of the news, crude asphalt began to rise callback. On the market a roar, an empty one is swept, warehouse explosion, list quilt, how to get out of trouble today?

---- ---- Plunging crude bitumen

1. The US dollar index since seven weeks high of 95.50 has dropped slightly, but remains at the top mark 95 Fed meeting minutes led hawks April rate hike is expected to soar during the year, the Fed staff guan Lake, Dudley and Fisher's speech highlights the days Fed rate hike determination. also, the number of 14-month highs last week has dropped early last week, the highest since February of this year fell the most, and this is a continuous 63 week early in the following 300,000 mark, indicating that the US economy in the first a quarter to regain power after being hampered. a stronger dollar weighed on oil prices.

2. The latest US Energy Information Administration data show that as of May 13 the week, US crude oil inventories increased 131 million barrels to 5.4129 million barrels, the market is estimated to reduce 280 million barrels, US crude oil delivery to Cushing inventories rose 461,000 barrel to a record high last week, US crude oil imports increased by 2.2 million barrels.

3. Iran's export data showed that the country's crude oil export growth far exceeded expectations as the world's fourth largest crude oil producer and OPEC (OPEC) second largest oil exporter, Iran's crude oil exports in May so far about 210 million barrels / day, representing an increase of nearly 60%.

Announced April monthly oil market report that it expects 2016 global oversupply situation probably will increase, the statistics based on Reuters data, April OPEC crude oil output last month increased 18.8 million barrels to 3244 million barrels, the highest since at least 2008 since the highest level, Iran's crude oil production in Iraq and Nigeria and Kuwait offset by increased crude oil production decreased.

---- Soaring crude oil asphalt cause - ---

1. Africa's largest crude oil producing countries Nigeria oil port closed, Exxon Mobil Corporation, said unidentified persons blocked the access to crude oil QuaIboe trestle work table, but the current crude oil production activities QuaIboe work table still continue. Has since the military conflict and lead to pipeline failure is the main reason for the Nigerian oil supply disruptions.

2. The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) latest data show that as of May 13 the week, US gasoline inventories fell 2.5 million barrels last week, the market is estimated to be reduced by 15 million barrels, while distillate stocks fell by 317 million barrels of America, market estimated to reduce 64.2 million barrels.

3. The IEA monthly report in 2016 global oil demand growth was adjusted to 1.2 million barrels / day from 116 million barrels / day, noting that, like Canada, Nigeria or Libya suspended production of such an unexpected situation, may help reduce this year scale global surplus of crude oil, while demand will also benefit from the growth in gasoline consumption.

4. US oil service company Baker Hughes (BakerHughes) on Friday (May 13) released data show that as of May 13, 2016 the week to reduce the number of oil drilling active 10-318, the eighth consecutive week decline , painted in October 2009 low. The total number of active US oil and gas drilling seat reduction 9-406, compared with same period last year 482.

European plate ---- ---- Crude operational recommendations

Crude oil closed higher yesterday bottom rebound. Eurasian plate weak shocks down .2340 line opening direct pressure, weak no counter continued to decline in the United States offer a later period. Refresh to an intraday low of 2274. turn positive eventually hold weekly rise . once the late fall days fully recovered. and refresh intraday high would turn into a daily chart Yang Xian.

FIG day after the first rise in line with expectations. After all, the weekly chart still have to harvest candle. Short-term drop is only adjusted is not a big trend turn empty. Just direct reversal of the decline after yesterday bottom rebound, time node touches contrary to expectations. Ritu does not form a double shade adjustment, but a shade adjustment. the next day it bottomed. virtual 5th line breaking again to close above. long daily chart structure is not destroyed. today's weekly income continue to look positive.

Short-term rebound in FIG .4 hours even the sun rises near week highs. This was a little bit Eurasian plate has pressed but trading will fall all the recovered space overall is still relatively strong bull. After yesterday's probe bottom rebounded. FIG short-term indicators have been digested. FIG later date will further spikes from the hourly chart. just step back to confirm a top and bottom conversion support at forming a new channel for high-level rise poised to break. Asia near the high point of the disc to not chase alone. European trading hours can look down to the low position and then to be arranged, three Dan Xiaosheng operational thinking rely on yesterday's low critical point of 2274 do do more dips and today support 2340-2280 .

Poly asphalt operational recommendations:

Resistance: 2400-2380, with support: 2310-2280

1, the spot pitch: 2380-2370 near empty single intervention, target 2330, stop loss 35 points

(Opening 2380 line Powei can do more, see the 2400 target, strict stop loss!

--- - Asphalt soaring, empty single quilt how to do ----?

In fact, many customers hands free single cut afraid of fall, not afraid to cut up, does not know how to operate the Monday opening Crude opened 100 points lower, when everyone thought long fatigue when evening US rebound plate 100 points up the slack. continued to rise Tuesday, Wednesday EIA bullish, plus Afghanistan and Syria, terrorist attacks, resulting in risk aversion asphalt walk out of the wave of a strong rebound in the first three trading days this week, bull strong, it is not an empty one should be admitted, even if the short-term approach is Kuaijinkuaichu, do not know why free single quilt. rose so much that would not rise again? or that bad API, EIA will be bad, then made empty single, the results quilt? of course, there is a good Thursday when empty one chance to get out of trouble, all day the day of crude bitumen are rendered down market, a lot more rational friends to take this opportunity to successfully Shi Xiaosheng three teachers under the guidance of an empty one sort of relief, but more, no hedging is not to say, the market will not see the downside feared a backlash, but also worried about falling prices, yesterday, just I think everyone will drop when trimming asphalt again today short wave upward to dispel the idea. you will wake to find themselves empty one has been caught up?

Closer to home say about the specific idea of some sort of relief: the market yesterday under continuous rubbing of 2274 to reach the lowest position, and our target located in the vicinity of 2280, in 2280 I suggest all empty single profit taking, under the 2280 backhand to do more, now part hold more than one state! There are many investment morning I asked a friend to contact, 2280-2300 empty single quilt there is no way to get out of trouble three Dan Xiaosheng repeatedly stressed that trading band stop, I hope you do some sort of relief after a single greedy and do not leave things to chance with a good stop?; today opened in 2345 after a position to continue upward, up to 2362 positions empty for three single-quilt friend Dan Xiaosheng precise gives the following empty single quilt sort of relief program through the analysis below concern 2340 frontline to operate.

Crude empty one sort of relief program:

1 empty single quilt: Callback 2340 out radical holds near 2300

2, single lock: light sets were close to 2340 remain empty more than a single holding. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 三石小生:5.20周線收官,原油空單被套怎麽辦?瀝青歐盤操作建議及解套