Gangster all walks of life gathered CCISF Chongqing to jointly plan for the future of cross-border electricity

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Gangster all walks of life gathered CCISF Chongqing to jointly plan for the future of cross-border electricity

Today, Chongqing railway port cross-border electricity supplier Panda Forum held at the International Conference Center chief reporter Li Wenke photo

Gangster all walks of life gathered CCISF Chongqing to jointly plan for the future of cross-border electricity

Chongqing railway port cross-border electricity supplier first settled in the customer accepts the awarding chief reporter Li Wenke photo

DragonSoft at 19:35 on May 20 (Reporter She Zhenfang Zhouxiao Xue Jun Huang, chief correspondent today (20 am, held its nineteenth CCISF cross-border electricity supplier Chongqing railway port Forum. Forum theme of 'New Silk Road, the new hub, new Beginning ', guests from around the world around Chongqing railway port development of cross-border electricity supplier advantages of cross-border electricity supplier development and future trends and other topics were discussed and shared.

Strategic Significance: cross-border electricity supplier will promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Chongqing

Chongqing Economic and Trade Commission Li Qian, deputy director at the forum said that 1-4 months of this year, customs statistics platform 2.0 platform, the city imports of 760 million yuan, B2B export $ 760 million, equivalent to last year's total imports and exports 1.6 times, good momentum of development.

Li Qian said that stand in the perspective of Chongqing, the development of cross-border electricity supplier is to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, a powerful means of Forced Industrial Structure Adjustment.

Western Logistics Park chairman Luo book rights, he said e-commerce in the global international trade more and more important, have different levels of impact on all traditional industries of Chongqing, in resolving overcapacity, go to the middle way, enhance international competitiveness capacities, also has a strong effect.

Actively promote: Europe and Southeast Asia opened up by means of multimodal transport channel

General manager of logistics park in western Chongqing Huang Xiang said that the current China-EU flights in 1000 trains, the 'Yuxinou' channel executed 475 class, accounting for half of the country. 'Yuxinou' has become the main channel between China and the EU rail, run this year will reach a density class every day.

It is reported that China - Laos railway has already started, the next segment crossed the Mekong River from Laos, Vientiane, all the way south to reach Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore, once direct railway is completed, will connect the EU-ASEAN, East Asia to provide more convenient access.

In addition to railway and road corridors also further open up recently settled a logistics park in western Chongqing Chongqing Jiaoyunjituan opened a logistics team to Southeast Asia Highway, the first trip of about ten cars in the future will remain a car every day, less than three days time can be accessed in Vietnam, four days will be able to enter the territory of South-East Asia by rail transport, cargo arrived in Chongqing railway crossings can be transported from Europe and Central Asia to Southeast Asia, China Unicom ASEAN.

In addition, the logistics park in western Chongqing railway is also actively promoting the port, Qinzhou port and three ports in Hong Kong and Singapore joint cooperation.

Air transport, Luo told reporters the right book, Europe - Shapingba Solidarity Village - Jiangbei International Airport - Singapore Changi Airport Rail and air transport cargo channels currently set stage, is expected to run for the first time in June.

China Post Chongqing branch head at the forum said the General Administration of Customs has made it clear to Chongqing as the Central European rail transport postal pilot cities, is expected in June will organize Chongqing - Russia, Chongqing - Germany Yuxinou that postal test, the test is successful , postal transport will soon step into normalized.

Looking to the future: to seize the domestic large international and domestic market, China Unicom channel

At present, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, but there are some problems.

Billion state power Zhao Nan, chief analyst pointed out that at the time of the domestic online shopping, logistics quickly if needed, may choose a appliance business. If you want the product rich enough, you may go to another appliance business, but from the perspective of exports, foreign consumers Chinese electricity supplier website or channel brand awareness far from home so clear, so the future of cross-border electricity supplier development, especially exports, the channel brand building should account for a large proportion.

Zhao Nan believes that e-commerce economy is highly aggressive, fast changes in the new economic format, brand, distribution, services and other resources allocated globally to re-shuffle, is inter-provincial strategy had to face international competition .

He pointed out that relying on 'Yuxinou' start and logistics park west railway crossings, give full play to the advantages, seize the domestic major thoroughfare, China Unicom international and domestic market, Chongqing will be the future direction of cross-border electricity supplier.

Wang Long, general manager of foreign goods baby said, 'Yuxinou' If we can add a collection of model railway bonded in the country's competitiveness will be increasingly strong. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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