Hi-Tech Industry "Converter" camouflage gathered in the capital of the new concept plan the capital market

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Huawei, ZTE (000063.SZ), BGI, KPS Sciences (00439.HK), etc., has been the subject of industrial innovation focus in Shenzhen. 2000 km north, in the Beijing area, derived from the Higher Education Research Science and Technology stories out , and what kind of change in the formation of extraction?

Over the past month, 21st Century Business Herald reporter interviewed Beijing, Hebei Province, the relevant authorities, visited several companies in and around Beijing learned that, with the transfer of part of the capital Beijing functions 'relocation' and out of production, and Central Beijing industrial ecological regions is quietly changing.

A typical phenomenon is that in the urban commercial costs, the core technology industry spillovers background, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, aerospace and other high-tech areas as the representative of the industry, some of its features will begin from Beijing to surrounding counties 'spillover' including all levels of industry in Hebei Province to guide social capital funds and cooperation, are driving around Beijing, Hebei area counties formed a plurality of related industrial park.

According to 21st Century Business Herald reporter know, in such a 'spillover' of the surrounding area to Central Beijing Hi-Tech companies, on one hand is on the part of industry leading fund distribution company, on the other hand, some companies have been in the new three board market listing or intended landing three new board, in addition to the listed company is also Beijing ring aggregation effect similar industry attracted.

Behind the high-tech enterprises in the cities surrounding spillover layout, a re-optimize the configuration for land, human resources, capital, technology and other types of elements of the story perhaps it is unfolding.

Hi-Tech enterprises New Attraction

21st Century Business Herald reporter interviewed learned much, many high-tech companies are spillovers from Beijing to surrounding counties.

Beijing engaged in a geographic information system (GIS) UAV business dimension Beijing High-tech Co., Ltd. Cheung Figure (hereinafter referred to as the number of Victoria Cheung Figure) It is a cross-section of such enterprises.

According to FIG dimension Xiang staff, its main business is the development, production, application, sales and training in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, one of its core technologies are inclined photographic measurement technology, and now the company has settled in the core area of Beijing 50 km south of Langfang Gu'an industrial Park which satellite navigation.

Hours Victoria Cheung, chairman of FIG Barringer accepted 21st Century Business Herald reporter, said, allowing a drone class high-tech companies into the ring from the heart of Beijing, Beijing shunt first portion and improve the supporting ring Beijing industrial park infrastructure related. 'Guan office conditions, traffic conditions are good, on the edge of a high speed, including accommodation, the future of our children who go to school problems, the backbone of the resettlement issue, it should be said here is the park doing well.'

In addition, a more important reason than the above-mentioned industrial park has become a gathering linkage effects, which narrowed the number of Victoria Cheung FIG Ibid spatial distance downstream and industry stakeholders.

'Start talking about hardware, as well as the core of the circuit components on the aircraft we are now, the park has a lot to do, such as the Big Dipper, the technology research and development if it is very good I do not need a lot of investment in R & D developing this, you can park businesses do. 'Barringer said.' Also here to do some smart city, we can work with these companies to form a complementary R & D from the front to the back of the data service can string together. '

Coincidentally, in the part of the robotics industry representatives have also been in the ring layout of Beijing surrounding counties. For example, 50 kilometers east of Beijing Xianghe robot Industrial Park, May 16 ushered in the Department, including Beijing Tianwei Technology Co., Ltd. and other 10 concentrated than the robot enterprises settled.

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that the robot Xianghe Industrial Park by the local government with China Fortune (600340.SH) to build in 2014, has been introduced in the Robotics Institute, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other domestic and foreign companies and 27 industrial robot chain institutions, and in the end of last year, the park first company Beijing Hongyuan Hao Xuan harmonic drive Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched the operation.

Sources close to Xianghe County insiders say, and why the number of Victoria Cheung FIG convergence, the robot companies to get together in the ring Xianghe Beijing area, the ecological chain cluster effect remains to build the industrial park related.

'As a high-end equipment manufacturing robots, but also on a downstream industries gather relatively high degree of industry, it is necessary to cluster effect.' Gao Hongwei said CMC director zone Xianghe introduced, 'he said the robot industry park playing a cluster, also reasons to attract these companies Beijing ring surrounding the layout. '

The basic elements of capital operation

Similar samples also occurred in the northwest of Beijing outside the core area of 100 km Huailai County, Hebei Province, where the barriers to more stringent aerospace science and technology-intensive industries will usher stationed, to attract industry to the 'magic', a aspect from the cluster effect industrial park behind the other, and local natural conditions.

'China's space layout in Beijing, and satellites, spacecraft operations, monitoring and control, training astronauts, satellite applications related to the layout in the north. Beijing, Tianjin industrial transfer from Haidian, Changping most accessible place is Huailai.' Huailai aerospace industrial park official told 21st century Business Herald reporter, 'satellites, spacecraft production, air cleanliness requirements are high, Huailai much better than other parts of Beijing and Hebei air quality.'

A source close to China Academy of Space Technology (Aerospace, said the five branches under) sources, in the next 5 - 10 years, there will be a considerable number of national space projects transferred to the Huailai aerospace industrial park, and five branches in Space civilian space technology, industrial projects will also be headed gathered here.

Central Beijing is also inseparable from the industry concerned about spillover of capital, 21st Century Business Herald reporter was informed that the above arrangement in Central Beijing Industrial Park robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and some other companies, has gained Hebei Industrial Fund, PE institutions and private capital investment, some of which have been landed or planned landing three new board market.

For example, the robot stationed in Xianghe Industrial Park star and all workers (430084.OC), the company is already in the three new board listed three new board in 2011 before the expansion, according to its annual report disclosed, the company's 2015 revenue and net profits were 249 million yuan and 22.2084 million yuan.

In addition, the aforementioned corporate drone dimension Cheung map is also tackling these three new board listing, the company is currently listed issues are at the core program, and its listing in front or in part, industry and private capital investment, look at several aspects of FIG Victoria Cheung , although the current increase in the number of new three-panel business, but that does not impede the normal operation of companies listed and planning three new board.

'Three new board a few years ago, especially listed particularly in the last year, when the policy is relatively loose, slowly in the country introduced a number of policies, I believe that good business to hang three panels and is not linked to the three panels, just change a pattern, and not change the company's operations. 'Barringer said,' your business back into the capital markets and financing as early as late into the capital market is the same, I believe that their own business well, hanging three panels and this is not directly related. '

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