Qingdao rail transit signed financing "big one"

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 200

Then the first edition around (on the introduction of long-term and stable insurance funds, and Ping An Bank Qingdao Branch, Ping An Insurance Asset Management Co., Ltd. signed the relevant agreement, plans to introduce insurance funds of 5.0 billion, is expected this cooperation will become the insurance funds the city's key projects construction on the first floor, with Dawson international financial leasing, financial Hitachi signed a letter of intent >> << will further deepen the investment and financing functions of the Metro Group, the city's overall healthy development boost rail transportation industry.

The city's long-term planning of rail transit '18448' project, that the overall planning 18 lines and 400 stations, with a total investment of 400 billion yuan, operating mileage of 807 km. The next five years, the city entered a rapid development of rail transit, rail transit project capital demand, in order to ensure the sustainability of the city's rail transit project construction, the city subway do (Metro Group effective implementation of the municipal government conferred 'investment, financing, construction, resource development and operations' and other functions, and actively explore my new mode of transportation investment and financing reform track city, especially in terms of cooperation in the social capital of Metro line 1 and line 13 to attract bold innovation, is expected to become the country vigorously promote cooperation between the Government and social capital (ie, 'PPP mode' since the city and the whole the industry's first successful landing of the project contract, further ease the financial pressure recently to broaden the investment and financing of rail transit construction of new channels.

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Traditional Chinese: 青島軌道交通簽下融資“大單”