Mo Zhang Lin: May 21, after the spot crude oil fell asphalt why false false true rise up really fall?

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! Spot Spot crude oil and bitumen weekly rally continued last week obvious, but there have been false asphalt prices fell Thursday up really, really fell Friday fake up carefully review the market trend is not difficult to find: after Wednesday barefoot Yinxian rebound signs of fatigue fell on Thursday but fell to the bottom end of the recovery rose; but out of Friday's bullish obvious Yindie crosshairs.

In such circumstances, many analysts and investors believe that the market, if at face now, the market will undoubtedly be ruthless fight face; because of technical analysis in the daily K-line form for reference is very important; if the reference date line K-line so, what will result?

Thursday initially will be dominated by short, including after fell below the 5 day moving average will continue to rebound short, but along with the continued rebound fell again after short, the basic will be one after another stop, eventually ending up in the market;

On Friday, no doubt, oil prices rebounded yesterday, out of the bottom Magic bullish form, coupled with high oil prices have been sideways, many investors have more than a single approach Powei stroke rally, of course, with predictable results, or twice stop or top cover more than a single?

A chosen missed, miss the boat even more sad, when opportunity knocks, and if that should not hesitate to get up to open the door, it will knock on people's door. (Follow author Wei letter zxw664, this technical team to guide micro-channel group + 1 to 1 instructor, even better! better!)

Many investors told analysts have also been puzzled? Why out of this market? That is how you analyze the team analyzed the market it?

Our analysis team Wednesday after a female out of the top of a small, decisive Thursday we opened short, short from 4770/80 to 4700/4690 '(daily 5-day moving average) followed by below average in 4690 to do more, to 4650, the lowest 4550, the maximum 4680 ;; Friday's high position 4744, we were short in 4722,4738 two points objective look at 4645, the lowest 4616 (within the firm group map with the truth)

The reason for this market to go and we have a lot of reasons for this analysis: In our analysis of the market, we need to analyze the three angles, a macro pattern of market impact, 2, technology trend figure 3, the market sentiment and psychology;

More belonging to the psychological impact of technology trends and market sentiment in two days Thursday and Friday this trend; and technical figure on Wednesday fell significantly, but because even the sun rose closed lower end, is bound to fall will actually happen, but due to rising posture remains strong, so the figure in art asphalt price will still be the second probe to test the resistance of the top there is a need; Friday is true; rise temporarily ended, long after Thursday adjustments to get the aid, then the real Friday expand market decline;

From market psychology and emotions can obviously find that long after the continuous rise is expected to find short strikes, but the hands did not long ship, it will be drawn on Thursday the new price to be shipped, and then Friday the new high short oil;

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Traditional Chinese: 張沫琳:5月21日現貨原油.瀝青為何假跌真漲後假漲真跌?