Tangshan steel mills start measures to limit production is still down

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 201

May 21, Cape Tangshan billet prices temporarily stable: booming, Kuniyoshi factory tax 2,000 yuan / ton, factory Changli tax 2,000 yuan / ton, Tangshan billet directly sent to 2035-2038 yuan / ton, the overall turnover of finished products. poor, limiting the production plant rolled downstream procurement is not active on the blank.

Tangshan steel mills start measures to limit production is still down

Today, Ruifeng Steel strip down 30-50,735-870 execution 2220,615-620 execution 2170,285-355 execution 2140. Aeon 145/210 narrow down 30 to 2120 cash tax. The first Tang Baosheng strip down factory 20: 145-242 reported 2120,242-355 reported 2140 cash tax.

Tangshan mainstream scaffolding down 10-30, excluding tax reported 2040 cash.

Tangshan steel drop quotes 10-20: the specification quoted in the mainstream 2220-2260, this type of steel three warning execution start limited production, but overall lackluster turnover, weak run.

May 20, under the Tangshan Fengrun People's Government issued a notice: since at 0:00 on May 21 onwards, starting three heavy pollution weather yellow warning response, power, steel, cement, chemical and other key enterprises, adopt limit (cut, discontinued measures to reduce at least 30% of air pollutant emissions (ultra low emission three complete transformation and acceptance by the environmental protection department of electric power companies can not take measures to limit production, cement, iron and steel enterprises by District << heavy pollution weather equipment and time contingency plans >> provisions to be discontinued, other rolling, grinding mills to stop production business day from 8:00 to 16:00.

From the end of the steel supply situation, the country is still inertia blast enterprises resume production growth, while electric companies are significant cuts, according to estimates mysteel mid-May, average daily output of crude steel 2.2232 million tons, a slight increase of ten days 0.64% MoM.

Meanwhile, the market turnover in the doldrums, leading steel stocks rose further, most manufacturers are still optimistic about the outlook. As of May 19, the nation's major steel stocks 9,546,700 tons, weekly chain increased 169,400 tons.

On the market situation, my steel nets analysts believe that the current stock price is still down channel, after a long and short fierce fight last week, the market short kinetic energy has been significantly release, repair short-term consolidation needs.

For the following reasons: 1, a substantial premium of snails, sell short-term market momentum weakened, the market mentality gradually stabilized,

2, with finished steel prices fall, profits are drastically reduced steel mills increase production weakened, some companies have begun to cut short process, market supply has decreased, while the cost of steel support emerging, market or short-term support,

3, increase social stock continued to decline, according to the network on the 19th I monitor 35 major cities in inventory, nationwide thread 4.506 million tons, last week increased 14,200 tons, 1.044 million tons of wire, last week increased 107,000 tons, compared with the previous month by 145,000 tons.

However, as May draws to a close, the arrival of 'rainy season', or give the steel city 'a blow', when the market supply and demand imbalance again, spot prices or under pressure again.

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