Chi Fulin: Innovative Practice Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives microcredit have universal value

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CNR network Haikou May 21 news (reporter Zhu morning, precision small loans poor first 'Special Inclusive Finance Forum << China Rural Financial Development Report 2015 >> conference held in Haikou. At the meeting, China (Hainan reform and development Research Institute Chi Fulin said in his speech, from a practical perspective, accelerate the development of rural inclusive finance, rural China is building a moderately prosperous society in the key. the innovative practice in Hainan Province rural credit Cooperatives microcredit is Pratt & Whitney rural finance success stories, the development of rural finance universal application value.

Chi Fulin introduced, rural credit cooperatives in Hainan break a new path of development of inclusive finance. Overall, how precise poverty-oriented, rural inclusive finance both 'general' and 'benefits' and 'sustainable' so out of a new way of inclusive financial development, is still a major issue in practice has not been a breakthrough. since 2007, Hainan Province Rural Credit Cooperatives closely link the 'three rural' developing 'financing difficulties, financing expensive' highlight problems creatively explore the implementation of the 'nine special delivery of five' institutional mechanisms, in order to break a small loan to boost rural overall well new ways. At the same time, Hainan Province, rural credit cooperatives verge of bankruptcy from a rural finance organic growth for the province's most competitive financial institutions.

Chi Fulin that the main experience of Hainan Province Rural Credit Cooperatives microfinance is institutional innovation. For example, 'out of doing financial Finance' feature is very prominent, not only small loans business innovation, but also the organization team, policy support, regulatory institutional innovation, agricultural technology promotion and other services in rural comprehensive inclusive financial system.

The first innovation is to win hearts and minds in the harvest of farmers trust and credibility. Hainan rural credit cooperatives adhere to the loan 'right of approval' to the peasants, the lending rate 'pricing power' to the peasants, of daring world-first innovation For, rooted in rural areas, farmers won, won the hearts and minds.

The second innovation is to build up a team rooted in rural credit. Implementation of the rural credit cooperatives in Hainan wage 'issuing authority' to the loan officer, the loan 'prevention and control rights' to the loan officer, through training and rely on small credit technician team, to create a 'cover the entire region, villages and households,' the rural grassroots workforce.

The third innovation is a breakthrough Inclusive Financial Supervision Mode and microfinance model specification. This innovative breakthrough in certain provisions of the existing regulation, and largely supported by the regulatory authorities, and at the same time, and constantly improve the risk management mechanism, so small credit 'norms year after year.'

For Hainan rural financial innovation and development of RCCs, Chi Fulin also mentioned a few suggestions.

First, further promote financial resources sinking, explore new ways of financial cooperation. From a practical perspective, to achieve harmonization of financial property and Pratt & Whitney property, lies in accelerating the development of financial cooperation. Next, Hainan Province, rural credit cooperatives innovation focus to explore various small-scale, autonomous, cooperative rural micro-finance system, so that all types of agriculture funds more effectively sink to the countryside.

Second, the optimization of Pratt & Whitney rural financial development environment. For example, to speed up the transfer of rural property platform, make an inventory of land use rights by farmers and the rural homestead, rural development and secure mortgage loans for the development of rural financial cooperatives.

Third, promote innovation and microfinance supervision of organic unity. For example, the integrity of the provincial rural credit cooperatives to explore incentive system, the 'interest rate pricing to the peasants,' is essentially a floating rate system, can effectively motivate farmers from Practice honest recommendations relevant aspects of the recognition and support to the 'integrity incentive', and to standardize the development.

Fourth, encourage innovation and grassroots support. Support the development of rural credit cooperatives in Hainan Province in the rural cooperative financial 'gosling,' based on its exploration operations to encourage agricultural insurance to support its development of the rural consumer finance companies and rural financial leasing companies. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 遲福林:海南農信社小額貸款的創新實踐有普遍適用價值