Sheng Yibin: 5.23 weeks long commentary flying, silver asphalt operation strategy next week

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Do not care about their pay when it will receive in return, you just make sure this thing is what you want, that is enough. More thinking, more action, better than meaningless hesitation and see better.

Sheng Yibin: Weekly news parsing

Fed rate hike can not change the upward trend in gold

The Fed is expected to raise interest rates twice this year, there may be, but this year the Fed to raise interest rates will not destroy the gold uptrend channel, although historical data or theoretical point of view, the Fed will tighten policy to suppress the price of gold, but this year many factors supporting gold prices first, central banks, especially China, India, the Russian central bank purchases of gold increased. Moreover, this geopolitical instability, terrorist attacks multiple, concurrent natural disasters, the global economic slowdown affecting the market risk aversion these factors enough to push gold prices.

Cool weather and rain, Alberta, Canada (the threat of wildfires in northern Alberta has been weakened further on Thursday, the fire has been away from oil sands production facilities have been evacuated and a nearby town. Officials said the fire out of control burn area of more than 1.25 million hectares, but away from key oil production facilities. firefighters controlled the fire in addition to the two major oil sands areas.

Imperial Canadian oil company on Friday said it expects the recent recovery Kearl oil sands will base part of the normal production activities, the normal exploitation of the entire field is not yet determined when they can be fully restored, oil field about 70 kilometers from Fort McMurray, in the urban areas North, fires in early May to allow local oil workers were forced to evacuate.

Chief fire officer Alberta forestry sector Morrison (ChadMorrison said, 'the threat of surrounding communities and oil sands facilities clearly declined. Yesterday we control all key areas of the fire.' This means that oil sands production will gradual recovery in the coming days may be able to fully recover.

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Sheng Yibin: Spot silver single space policy

1. Robust batches were near the top of 3470,3480 empty single approach, stop 35 points, only the profit target 3440 first-line, second only profit-bit close to 3430,

2. radical near the top 3450,3460 batch empty single approach, stop 35 points, only the profit target 3420 line, the second stop near the 3410 surplus places,

Sheng Yibin: Spot silver more than a single policy

1. steady near the bottom 3400,3410 by more than a single batch approach, with a stop 35 points, only the profit target 3430 line, the second stop near the 3440 surplus places,

2. radical batch 3420,3430 near the bottom more than a single approach, stop 35 points, only the profit target 3450 first-line, second only profit-bit close to 3460,

Silver Trading ideas: silver from the date line, the pre-rendering the top engulfing sell signal, for now, the great cycle forming a head and shoulders top reversal pattern after potential bearish overall trend, silver rebounded above the K-line the day before neckline did not form an effective breakthrough, after the potential on the high-altitude operations mainly concerned about the cabinet along the preliminary support Powei homeopathic single to chase the bottom, build an operation next week Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 盛亦彬:5.23周評多頭漫天飛舞,白銀瀝青下周一操作策略